Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time to Play "Catch-Up"

NOT Sabrina, but I thought this was SO CUTE and pretty appropriate since my "blog backlog" is due to one of my very important poochies!! ; )

Well, without foreseeing the small family emergency we had with our little doggie Sabrina last week, I had a couple of posts planned throughout these weeks (NOT TO MENTION its been a couple weeks of suspense about the continuation of our "How I Became a [Female] Fan" story), but seeing as how the posts are "relevant to time" (meaning I don't want to post things that are "OLD news"), it looks like I'll have to take today (unfortunately forego "How Do I Love Thee [Sidney]?" post) and try to catch up on some really interesting stories I asked some readers to share with all of us.  And the female fan story is PRIORITY #1 for me today!! ; )

I hope its OK with all of you ... I promise that I'll try to find some way to make it up to you for skipping our usual Sid post today ... SOMEHOW (I'm hoping a really great idea / pic hits me when I least expect it) although I'm pretty sure by some of the general comments I've read from a few of you over HftL's existence that you're probably not too upset about it!! ; )

ENJOY ALL THE POSTS TODAY (probably a total of 4 including this one)!!

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