Monday, November 28, 2011

Malkin: Pittsburgh Magazine Cover

Malkin is on the cover of the December issue of "Pittsburgh" magazine (LOVE that they used "The Incredible MALK!").  Pretty decent article too, "Evgeni Malkin Will Speak to You Now" (definitely worth a read!)!!  Whether or not you love Geno, you'll love him [more] after reading this article - I guarantee it ... the last two sentences of the article (one of which is a quote from Malkin) may just be enough themselves!
“Tell fans thank you for supporting Penguins and Steelers,” he says. “And sorry for my English.”
Geno’s come full circle. He’s Pittsburgh through and through. He’s caring to a fault. His gruffness is his charm. He bleeds for the things he loves.


TheNWChica said...

I read this the other day; and I sort of want to marry Gene just on this article alone. :)

Stephanie said...

He's ADORABLE, right?!! ; )

AussieGal said...

love Geno!!!