Wednesday, November 30, 2011


SO my husband and I were at the game last Friday and when Pascal Dupuis scored his goal, they played a snippet from the movie, "Anchorman" which makes reference to "SUPER DUPER," of course!!  I believe they're trying to create themed celebrations for each player who scores on the team which I think would be awesome.
You already know that two HUGE names in wrestling (the former "Mr. Kennedy" and Hulk Hogan) have recorded his own personal celebration calls for Tyler Kennedy and Geno.  I think it's really cool and gives the fans / players something extra to relate to when the players score -- it's VERY FUN to hear / watch while you're there.
But "SUPER DUPER" has to be mine and my husband's favorite just because we LOVE that movie to begin with and after seeing it, we just couldn't stop laughing!!

For those of you who may not have yet witnessed it, here ya go (THANK Goodness for YouTube!)!!!


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