Sunday, November 6, 2011

MORE Hockey Announcements: Babies and A Wedding!

THANKS to all of my awesome followers / readers for passing along all the great news on our guys!!  Another engagement AND baby in the hockey world!!

Patrick Sharp and his wife, Abby, are expecting a baby girl in December (15th, to be exact).  According to my good buddy, Debbie B., he was recently on a radio show talking about it.  They had a joint baby shower with fellow Blackhawk John Scott's wife, Danielle, who are also having a baby!!


I also wanted to mention (because it's been everywhere except this blog!) that Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie are expecting a BABY BOY!!  CONGRATS TO THEM (THANKS, Laura - can't forget that!)!!  I believe she recently made the announcement on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Now for the engagement news, THANKS to D.L. for emailing me that former Pittsburgh Penguins d-man, Alex Goligoski, recently got engaged to his high school sweetheart, Amanda Anderson -- they make such a great-looking couple (it was in October sometime -- 15th or 16th, D.L. didn't know which)!!!  No details on the date yet, but you guys know whatever I know that I'll pass it along to all of you!!!


And one other small piece of business to take care of ... my condolences to all you Kaner lovers out there ... i hear from a HftL follower that he's officially "off the market" now has a girlfriend named Grace.  CONGRATS to Kaner (and Grace), I guess (do you congratulate people for becoming an "item?").


Hawker788 said...

nice post! lots of changes going on for blackhawk players and their families!

Stephanie said...

THANKS for the compliment, Hawker788!! We do tend to forget sometimes, as fans, that the players are typical people too which is why I enjoy finding out the "normal" day-to-day life things about them (and I believe other fans do too!)!!

THANKS for commenting!! ; )

Hawker788 said...

i always forget they have lives outside families! I like to pretend they are mine haha