Monday, December 29, 2008

Cover Boy Once Again!

For the second straight year in a row, Sidney Crosby is #1 among the "100 People of Power and Influence" in the hockey world as ranked by The Hockey News.

Fellow Penguin hottie, Evgeni Malkin, also made the ranking at #91.

The December 29th edition of The Hockey News features Crosby on the cover (pictured in this post).


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

He takes the best B&W pics ever.

I know that's a goofy observation, but oh well.

25superstar said...

hott. :]

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if this is sold anywhere?
i want. no i NEED a copy!

Stephanie said...

@Molly -
you can buy them online!! go to and scroll down to the cover pic of Sid (or click on their store for single issues). i've purchased many copies this way in the past and the only complaint i have is that they're SLOW (since it's coming from Canada) and you have to really keep track of them because sometimes they don't send them either (but eventually, you'll get what you ordered)!!!

Michelle in NS said...

It's a beautiful cover but the write up on Sid is not great.They're basically complaining about how he interacts with the press and is too boring.It was a dissappointing read.

Michelle in NS said...

Here's the section on Sid from the Hockey News
Play the part -- and not just center for the Pittsburgh Penguins .Sidney Crosby sit atop the 10th annuel People of Power and Inflence list for the second year and for good reason .he ' still the face of the NHL.

But it's simply not enough that everyone in hockey is anoyed .Crosby the undisputed king of the coolest game on ice.

It's time for Crosby to start wearing the crown .It's time for Crosby to act like a king . Case in point is crosby reaction when Washington Capital Alexander Semin called him on the carpet .What's so special about him [Crosby] ? I don't see anything special there

A king wouldn't have shugged it off like Crosby did .A prime time player such as Tiger Woods would've answered . "We'll just have to see about that the next time the Penguins and Capitals play"

While we're not suggesting Crosby become a smart-aleck. We are saying he can do more. If Crosby was as good off the ice as he is on blades , there would be no chalengers to the throne

It's time for Crosby to be Wayne Gretzky when The Great One's ruled he game.

Gretzky always gave a state - of - union message at every All Stars Game where he would talk about the expensions, or wearing visors, or fighting or selling the game...pick a topic .Gretzky always had a theme prepared for his address and he always had a message to convey and it was one that carried weight.

Gretzky always was cognizant about how his words would find their way into the sports pages . He used the pulpit.He used the podium.

Crosby , on the others hand , has cleary been coached by his handlers,to avoid anything remotery controversial. If only he could transfert a layer of that filterring mechanism to sean Avery , both guys would be much better off. Its' funny Crosny have a reputation of being a chirper and a complainer on the ice - not unlike " Whine Gretzky " in his day - Yet he's so milquetoast with the media

So Sid , be like Wayne when the NHL'S elite gather in Montreal. Take the lead. Assume the throne. Just don't wear the crown. We say this because given the current economik climate , the NHL need Crosby to be the star of attaraction.It needs him to promote the game , to put people in the seats , to say something every now and then to create debate.

In compiling this year's version of the TOP 100 , there was much debate about how much has changed in the past 12 months.Change is
always good and change is part and parcel of NHL.

Powers comes in differents shapes and forms. One of the goals of assembling the top 100 is to spark debate to make people think about hockey , and the impact it has . The list isn't t perfect and and nor should it be, but it refleck aspects of the game.

Sarah Pailn for exemeple, put the focus on hockeys moms during the U.S. elections and you should ask yoursel where hockey would be without hockey moms { and why do NHL teams honor more hockey dads and fewer hockey moms ? }

Palin is not on the People of Power list , but was part of a earlier version throught autumn. For a minute, consider Dr Leslie Bisson of the Buffalo Sabres physician. You have to ask yourself,whether the NHL would not have had it's second fatality to a on ice incident had Bsson not been lightning quick in treating Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers when his throat was cut. Now think ofhow the life of Alexander Cherepanov could have been saved if the proper medical staff and medicals devices had been available when he collased in a game in Russia.

Florida Noah Welch showwed leadership by donating his brain to a concussion study after his death . Should he be on the list? To quote Palin , " you betcha "

Those are just two exemple of people in the game who made a difference, who showed leadership . While Welch is not Sidney Crosby , the NHL is better place because of him .

And the NHL would be even better if Crosby really wore the crown that have been handed to him

Hail the king

Stephanie said...

@Michelle in NS -- WOW!! THANKS for posting; maybe i'll even include it on a regular blog page since it's SO LONG!!

actually -- i think it's trying to "start something" that's not there. I think he acted perfectly well when Semin was acting like a goof!!

people are so annoyed because they can't find too much to write "digs" on with him -- he's just perfect, so they're now making fun of how perfect he is -- WHATEV!!

Thanks again, Michelle!!

Lizzybeth8771 said...

Thanks for posting that Michelle!
I love Sid because he doesn't act arrogant... *coughs ovechkin*

The link is on Empty Netters... He crashed a hotel room... and offended Miss Virginia/American women(depending on how u take it).

You lead an interesting life.

"In turth, what they write about me is much more interesting than how I live... They had written that in Beijing (at the Olympics) I got drunk and totally destroyed a hotel room... (And) the Russian press has made me into such a ladies' man... As soon as I arrive in Moscow, go to a party and sit down with somebody at the same table, they will immediately write about Ovechkin's new romance. So, I try not to go with anyone or only to go with (male) friends. So they will wind up thinking that I am... All right, that's enough about that."

Is this why you offended Miss Virginia after one of the home games, refusing to have a picture taken with her?

"Ah, it's nothing. I didn't even see her. I just heard someone saying something to me about a Miss Virginia, so I said that our girls are better and left."

He also calls Ruutu a rat.

mer said...

Okay, I love how arrogant Ovechkin is! He's never an absolute ass, he knows where to draw the line, so his arrogance seems playful almost, it's kind of charming actually. He's only a bad boy when he's compared to Saint Sidney.

I think it's unfortunate that everyone keeps wanting the crown-prince of the NHL to step up, he's 21. Has anyone asked Prince Will to take the throne lately? See my point? And the comparisons to Gretzky are a little odd, it's like asking Barak Obama to be like Bill Clinton. They may both be leaders, good leaders, but they have very different leadership styles. Sure Crosby could be more of a League-Leader when it comes to 'issues' (when asked about his opinion on things like goalie-pad sizing, et c. he actually DOES have an opinon, btw) but Crosby and Gretzky are very different people. For example, I'll put a substantial amount of money on Crosby buying a team out of bankruptcy before becoming a Head Coach. Gretzky liked the spotlight; I get the impression that Crosby just deals with it.

Now Ovechkin? Ovechkin LIKES the spotlight, maybe the NHL should stop trying to forced the crown on Crosby - I'm sure Ovechkin's up to the task, and I think he'd do a decent job. Even if he isn't as picture perfect a poster boy.