Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crosby Pictures of the Week

This week there's TONS of awesome pictures to choose from after the great game they played on Saturday (with Sid's hat trick and all)!! So - it wasn't much easier to choose this week either and I decided to include all of them (why make it hard for myself?)!!


Lauren said...

I LOVED all the pictures from their games last week! :)

I think my favorite is the one where he's laying on his stomach with a big 'ol grin on his face after completing the hat trick!

gilld22 said...

I have to agree with Lauren, all the pictures are great but I especially love the one of him sliding on his stomach!! He is such a cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING pictures!
thanks, i have a new background on my comupter!
(it's the sliding one!)

Anonymous said...

Man, nothing's better than seeing Sidney Crosby's double chin when he's excited.

So happy to see another blog on the interwebs that is catered to girls. Especially female Penguins fans, ow oh!