Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Western Conference Hotties "Month of Stars" - Week 1: Brad Richards (Dallas Stars)

Here we have one of those guys who is universally considered hot by most of the population (male & female because I've seen lots of guys with “man crushes” on him). However, I can take him or leave him as far as his looks are concerned [that's not surprising, Kena - he's not blonde!]. Yes I know, many consider that last statement sacrilege, but to me he's just slightly above average in the looks department. [VIDEO] I do have to admit that I've never seen him in person, so maybe that's it [and ladies, I've never claimed to be "normal." (laughs)].

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: If you're a “real” hockey fan (def: you at least “try” to control your “puckbunny” tendencies which, believe it or not, I do - Really, I do [Stop laughing.]!), [who are you trying to convince, Kena?!] you'll know who he is before I tell you. Most notably, he was the Stanley Cup MVP with the Tampa Bay Lightning (2004). He was acquired by the (my) Dallas Stars at the 07/08 trade deadline. Immediately thereafter, he posted 5 assists in his first game as a Star which made him the FIRST player in NHL history to post 5 assist in his first game with a new team. It also made him only the 3rd player in the history of the franchise to post 5 assists in a game. Since then he's not really looked like a SCF MVP, but I'm willing to give him a little adjustment time. He still hasn't played that many games as a Star. He's been rolling out assists, but unfortunately not scoring goals. BUT those are still some REALLY IMPRESSIVE accomplishments.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: The ONE AND ONLY thing You need to know about Brad Richards to count him as HOT is THIS! -> (; otherwise, we'll go with some of the other really awesome “perks” of being a female hockey fan. Hockey players are TALL, and he's no exception. 6'0” [and change], 192lbs. And a goodly portion of them are PRETTY [VIDEO], including Brad Richards, [This interview VIDEO] with light brown hair, and hazel/brown/green eyes (really, the eyes are awesome). His looks improve dramatically when he's wearing street clothes. Even more so in a suit (and I normally do not go for dress-ups, but he's an exception). Uh, there are the teeth (rabbit) which bother some, but good grief, how can you fault a guy for teeth who's done this [Link Here]. A star scorer who isn't afraid of defending themselves. What more could you want??

As far as his personality you simply couldn't ask for better [Cute Blurb] [and a neat commercial VIDEO]. He's not wild, or slutty at all. He is in fact polite, pleasant and your parents would TOTALLY approve of him if you brought him home for dinner.

I do have to thank my friend, Myra, for really convincing me that he was a total piece, not just eye candy (he is a GENUINELY nice guy), not just pretty. She has done some really detailed research which can be found HERE. It's really worth the read (if she didn't live 2 states away, I would be fearful of my job. [laughs]). And special thanks to her for answering my delirious questions. [It's a really awesome post, Myra - I enjoyed it even though I'm not a Stars fan!]


Elodie said...

he's very "purdy"! thanks! I look forward to these hotties!

Meli said...

I love the article that your friend wrote. He's a golfer, eh?...I love that!! :)

He seems like he really likes helping other people. He's lightyears better than Avery will ever be!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Thanks, Elodie. I'm glad you like them.

I know he's not blond, but "variety is the spice of life" [hysterical laughter]

Oh, and I was trying to "convince" myself Stephanie...

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for the nice comments, Kena. Brad is genuinely a nice guy and think that just comes through in everything he does. You can tell his teammates like him a lot (as opposed to some other Star that shall not be named). He has already started doing things for the military and sick children here in Dallas like he was doing in Tampa. And, yes, he is an excellent golfer. I've seen video of his swing.