Monday, December 15, 2008

GOOD LORD - Strip Hockey (with Pictures!)!!

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette posted an article about practice last Friday and how some of the players participated in "strip hockey" (YES - you read that right AND that's what the PPG called it)!!
As practice wound down, several players engaged in strip hockey -- you don't score on a breakaway from the blue line, you take something off; you score, you get to put something back on. The clear loser was defenseman Kris Letang, who eventually was trying to score on one skate -- his left foot was bare -- and was also without his helmet, gloves, jersey and upper-body pads.
And, by golly, we don't even have to wait for pictures -- some kind soul took them and already posted them on LGP message board!! However, these pictures aren't quite as good as the "Shirts vs. Skins" since no one was without a shirt! The all of Tangers (and some including Duper).

Look at all the hockey gear on the ice in a pile to the right!!

And there's Tanger's bare foot (resting on Duper's skate)!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Sweet mother, the mere thought is enough to leech all the rational thought from my brain.

swissmiss said...

Be still my beating heart! I see 'strip hockey' and 'Kris Letang' in the same post and I just about roll over and die !

Anonymous said...

WHY wouldn't he take his shirt off?!
it would be SO much easier to skate that way, and we could enjoy it too =]

71crush said...

Why oh WHY didnt I go to practice that day, wasnt it at Southpointe? :(
BUT these pics are awesome!! thanks so much!!
Geno didnt practice with them, tho.:(

foreurs58 said...

The other players tried to get him to take his shirt off instead of his skate. But there were people in the stands and Tanger is painfully shy. He felt better trying to do it with a bare foot instead of a bare chest.

Lauren said...

I agree with Swissmiss - anything with Kris Letang automatically starts the drool rolling, but this is just too much! Why, oh why couldn't they play that today when I was there?!