Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Western Conference Hotties "Month of Stars" - Week 4: Fabian Brunnström - Revisited (Dallas Stars)

We've already covered this "beauty" in a previous post here on HftL [LINK HERE]. However, I believe (and Stephanie is humoring me - I'm sure the readers don't mind all that much either!) that he bears "revisiting" in the hotness category (especially in light of all the, ah, "new material" available to um, illustrate my opinions [laughs]).

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: A highly sought after Swedish

 "import" (at one time there were 12 NHL teams vying for his services), he was signed to a maximum entry-level contract by the Dallas Stars. It's turned out (so far) to be worth every penny. He's one of the leading goal scorers (3rd) on the team. Notably, he scored a hat trick in his very first game [VIDEO] which puts him in some very impressive company (only the third 1st game hat trick in history). Since the Stars have been riddled with injuries recently, he's been getting TONS more ice time than expected. My opinion is that he's developing into a very good defensive forward. He's been really good at going after pucks, and getting in the “nitty gritty” of banging around on the boards. Personally, I'd like to see him taking more shots, but then that's my thing. I'd like to see them all take more shot s, and go after the rebounds really hard. That's my favorite style of hockey and he'd be pretty good at it. I know his game has a lot of developing to do yet [read], but so far I like what I see.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Dark blond hair, (YES, again [laughs, honestly I do look at guys who aren't blond, really I do] WHO are you kidding, Kena?!!); pretty aqua blue eyes. 6'2" 203lbs. Always gracious (and from what I've seen, "flirtatious" is a good descriptive term also) with his fans, and a genuinely sweet and outgoing personality. He can wind you around his little finger with a smile. Some of the Stars fans started referring to him by the singularly adorable nickname of “Bunny.” Of course, since I'm the world's most atrocious speller (and wrapping your tongue around all those letters is definitely not easy), I jumped on this

 nickname. He possesses a singularly awesome work ethic (I don't need to tell you all what I'm speculating that might transfer to, I'll let you all

 come to your own conclusions). He was a “burger stuffer” at Burger King back home in Sweden (while he was in the Swedish minor leagues), while getting up early to go to the rink in the morning for extra practice on his own. Talk about dedication (again, just my speculation, but does that have  possibilities, or does that have possibilities?!). As a particular added bonus he's as attractive when he's leaving as he is from the front. I can say this tactfully “he provides an amazing improvement to lower body  apparel” or I can just be simply, brutally honest - the guy's got a gorgeous ass!! But either way, it bears mentioning. You should've just saved yourself the trouble and said it the brutally honest way to begin with (which is the Kena we've all come to know and love)!!

In my humble opinion, hockey players in street clothes are a VERY special treat. Just like unwrapping a very special gift on Christmas morning. I know I definitely wouldn't mind finding him under my tree tomorrow. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  Sorry, Kena - I may be able to pull off a whole bunch of things, but this isn't one of them -- this post is the best I can do with that wish!!


25superstar said...

adorable. and that hat trick was incredible. also, i share your attraction to street clothed players. none of my friends seem to get it, but i think they're just so...yum. haha. great post! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

i found this at another blog and i thought you might enjoy it. :-)

Lauren said...

aww he's adorable

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Thanks everyone, and Merry Christmas.

I promise, Stephanie. I'll try to be much more "brutally honest" in the future. [laughs]

That hat trick was amazing. Now all the other teams really respect him, when he's on the ice.
The "hockey players in street clothes" I'm glad to find a kindred spirit.

Anonymous said...

That's my picture of Bunny at practice, in the shorts. I would appreciate it if you would link it to my flickr. :)

Thanks! Great blog btw. :)