Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crosby Picture of the Week

I enjoy "artsy" photos especially the ones that are shot from a "bird's eye view" like this one is, so it was pretty easy picking this week's photo (from Friday's game in NJ).

When I see these kinds of pics, I often wonder where the photographers are located to take them. Interesting to think about.


71crush said...

Great pic! I hadnt seen that one. I love the overhead ones. Some of the arenas have overhead cameras but I dont know if thats what they used on this pic, its not directly overhead. Thx for posting!

mer said...

I know old theatres (and probably some of the older arenas) have things called catwalks in the rafters. in the old days (before hydrolic lifts) they were used to replace lights in the ceiling, and to keep it remotely clean and to hand special lights and stuff...

i'm not sure if there's something similar, but it's one option.