Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Western Conference Hotties "Month of Stars" - Week 3: Steve Ott (Dallas Stars)

I'm actually not sure that I'm qualified to write a piece (and this “piece” will probably be “epic!” without my exercising some self control) on Steve Ott. I'm also not totally sure that he really belongs in the “hottie” category since I have been ripped up one side and down the other for referring to him as “hot” (don't worry, the actual accusers shall remain nameless [laughs]). But be that as it may, I still find him hot. [I honestly don't know what these people were looking at, but it definitely wasn't him because he is definitely hot; besides, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"] Frighteningly so. Hopefully, with this piece I can convince the rest of the planet that I know what I'm talking about or, maybe on second thought, do I actually “want” to share? [You convinced me before, but you saw him first, so he's all yours! ; ) ]

First I must make note, that Steve Ott is my FAVORITE hockey player. This in no way means I consider him the “hottest” or “most attractive” (NOT THAT HE'S A DOG!!!!!) or that I think he's the most skilled or has the most natural ability. What I find him is the most entertaining, unique and enjoyable. He has played a very large part in my “development” as a fan of this utterly awesome sport. In personality he is second to none. Hard work and dedication – personified.
IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: What Ott brings to the table in a hockey game, will never show up on a list of statistics. [Read Here] It's passion, it's intensity, it's unbridled enthusiasm for the game. And I'm not the only one who holds this opinion [ It's make the other team so blind crazy with rage, that they attack you. Then you sit in the penalty box for 2 minutes, while they are confined for 5 (and still come out hunting you). I have dubbed this style of play “masterful manipulation of the instigator penalty” [VIDEO]. This type of play results in creating many opportunities for your team to be on the PP. You could make a case for his motto being “fight smarter, not harder”. [Read] I have read that his teammates will not repeat what he says to the opposition out on the ice. I don't know if this means that they approve or disapprove, but my curiosity is definitely peaked. Unlike some of the “agitators” we've (I've) been seeing in recent headlines, he's pretty good at scoring goals, and usually has quite a few assists. He can play either center or wing equally well. He's currently out for the month of December, with a broken right hand. Needless to say, the team is missing him.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: 6'0” (I'm not sure he wasn't standing on a brick when they measured his height. But if he's shorter than 6' my fantasy life takes a really painful hit. So I just ignore this stat.) 189 lbs. Great big blue and very intense eyes, and yes, for all the doubters, he REALLY is blond (just a little “strawberry”) [Boating VIDEO]. However, (and I speak from personal observations, just not observations of him in the flesh.) he does have a red beard (if you read your Scandinavian mythology, you will find several characters with this coloration, even some accounts of Thor himself sporting blond hair and a (fearsome) red beard). And Otter's was definitely “fearsome” at the end of last season. He gives the best interviews. He credits his Mom, for his personality. He's always paying special attention to the little kids, who come to watch practice, etc. It seems that he's always provoking guys who are bigger than he is. In fact in one of those interviews I mentioned, he admits he's gone so far as to learn “certain words” in many different languages so as to be the best he can be at his job [poking the sleeping watchdog]. I am not sure if I should call this trait courageous or ignorant but it's still awesome. And if you like hockey fights, you really should look up some of his when you have an afternoon to waste (or any other excuse you can think up to watch guys fighting for that matter... [VIDEO vs Cunitz] [VIDEO Ott v Carcillo] [VIDEO vs Steve Montador]).

I have no idea why I feel like I need to defend myself after writing this post. Just an old habit, I guess. But to all the nay-sayers, and ew-yuckers (you know who you are) of the past. Bite me. (But just remember, he's first in line. [laughs]). [I could be wrong, but I believe you can feel safe here, Kena, since I don't think anyone will judge you or your taste!]

Another GREAT post, Kena - THANK YOU!!

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