Thursday, March 26, 2009

AS IF We Needed MORE Reasons to LOVE Them!!


Our boys wear MANY hats (all of which make them so appealing to all of us and the reason each of us have our FAVS); however, charity seems to be high on alot of the boys' lists especially when they take it upon themselves to "give back" (like Gill's idea to visit the Children's Hospital to distribute gifts this past Christmas).

Well, it seems as though Godard also shares in Gill's interest in putting a smile on kids' faces. THIS is too adorable and just reading that it was Godard's idea makes it that much more endearing (Is he a sweetheart or what?! No need to reply to that Kylie -- it's sort of a rhetorical question for you - although I guess it could be for all the ladies!)!!!
“It’s for the kids,” Godard explained. “I can’t put my finger on why I like to do these things, but it’s fun to go and play some games and have some fun with the kids.”
Tuesday afternoon, both Godard and Staal took time to visit The Children’s Home and Lemieux Family Center to spend time with the children and learn more about the Center. They got to tour the facilities followed by a few hours fingerpainting (look at Staalsy's hand compared to the size of that little girl!), playing soccer and basketball, and pushing kids on the swings. [*swoon*]

“Finger painting with the kids was pretty fun and they seemed pretty excited about it,” Staal said. “Just kicking a ball around and playing with them on the playground is really fun, just to see their faces light up and just to enjoy this time. It’s neat.”

“We just came by the Children’s Home and I met a lot of awesome kids who are having fun,” Godard said. “I also met a lot of awesome people who are really putting in their time helping out the kids with all of their needs, so it was a good day.”

“Godard is a great role model,” Staal said. “This is special for the kids and it’s so simple for us to make their day.”


Erika Zimmerman said...

there was also a really adorable pic of gods fingerpainting. whenever the boys visit kids it's awesome, and you're right, it does make mw love them more! :]

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I am convinced that we as females are hard wired to fall in love with guys and kids.

And the fact that it's THOSE 2 GUYS!!!!! Well, that just makes it a thousand times more intense.

staalzielover11 said...

awww..thts so cute! im glad tht they take time out of their busy scedule to do all of this! it shows tht we have a great caring team in pittsburgh!

and i love it that jordans hand is like the size of the little girls head!..haha and he is wearing his banana reminds me of a banana and he wears it everywhere!!!

and godard is so sweet to come up with this idea.. it would have been great if more guys could have gone! those kids would have an even better time then they probably did!

Aubrey said...

Oh Jordan's chile pepper rating just went waaaay up! How cute!

Buckeyes Are Deadly Nuts

mer said...

Army (even though he's not a Penguin anymore) is officially "le sigh"; it's like an honorific.

And Kris Letang had been recently dubbed "le swoon" for OBVIOUS reasons.

But I believe Godard's going to become "le giggle" mostly because every time I head about something he's done off the ice, that is what I do.

mer said...

* hear not head... ugh