Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Every Girl's Crazy 'Bout a Sharp-Dressed Man [in a RED Suit]!!

HftL has the BEST READERS!!!

I received an email from Lizzy letting me know about seeing Eric Godard in a red suit and it included a link to the photos of him posted on the Pensblog. I was somewhat concerned seeing as how it IS a red suit; however, our boy was ROCKIN' that suit and looking too fine!!! See for yourself!!

And, YES, we get 2-for-1 on this one -- that is Mr. Jordan Staal walking in with him also looking quite dapper in his suit!!

I swear we're the luckiest female hockey fans around seeing as how the Penguins have some of the most delicious men in hockey on our team!!!

THANKS for the tip, Lizzy (and the Pensblog reader for sharing the pics!)!!!


Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

I can't even tell you what seeing him in that red suit was like.

I. Love. Eric Godard.

I'm so glad someone got photographic evidence of this. Lauren & I saw him after the game, but my batteries were dead and I couldn't take a picture.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

This is beyond unreal.

a. When I first saw this photo, that's the very song I thought of (played in my head, and everything).
b. IT'S THOSE TWO GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
c. So VERY many naughty ideas. I almost embarrass myself.

[wipes drool & blinks eyes back into focus]

PS. This sort of thing, might make me read the pensblog... or maybe not...

Erika Zimmerman said...

only gods couold get away with this suit. yum. just...yummmmm.