Monday, March 2, 2009

"No, not relax - we play hard, 20 minutes more ..."

The latest Malkin interview thanks to Dan Potash ("I said two questions and I'll be honest, just two questions")!!

Gotta LOVE Malkin - he's been steppin' it up the last few games (especially with Sid out which is usually when he likes taking care of business!)!! What a cutie-pie (and that "A" he's sportin' -- VERY SEXY!)!!!

ENJOY (thanks 71Crush!)!!


Erika Zimmerman said...

my roommates made fun of his accent. i reminded them that i know where they sleep. :]

Anonymous said...

his accent is to die for.
it's SO adorable!

71crush said...

Aww, thanks for using my interview. :) He's so adorable. I love the accent.