Thursday, March 19, 2009

He's a selfless player who cares for his teammates

look at the number of goals compared to the number of assists he has this (or any) season and it's clear that Sid is more willing to pass the puck for a teammate to score rather than scoring himself (currently, Crosby has 92 points this season which is a total of 27 goals and 65 assists).

OFF THE ICE: Listen to what he recently had to say about Malkin (and the possibility of his earning the Art Ross Trophy) - which is only one prime example:
“I think that’s very important,” Crosby said. “You see the guys who have won it here before in Pittsburgh it’s pretty amazing and it would be great to add (Malkin) to the list. I love to see him do well. He deserves it. I’m happy for him and as long as we keep winning I think everyone is happy and when he is playing like that we have a great chance to win.”


Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

That is another take-your-breath-away picture. Warn us, Stephanie! :)

Anonymous said...

oh man.
that is a very important quality in a MANNNN.
sid sure is a manly man. :)