Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Douglas Murray (San Jose Sharks)

The only thing I really know about the Sharks is that they play the Stars enough times during the year that I find them annoying. Other than that, I have one other beef with them this year: they didn't knock the Duck(lings) out of the playoffs.

Well, on this fine Wednesday, I'm offering up the adorable Douglas Murray. To be drooled on and admired in all his bone-crunching, hard-hitting hockey glory. I hope I'm not to distracted during the next Stars vs. Sharks game.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: A strapping defenseman at 6'3 240 (yes, not a typo, 240 and he skates too), he led the Sharks in hits in the (08/09) regular season (175) and lead the team in hits in the post season with 21. He fought George Parros in Game 3 of the WCQF at Anaheim on April 21 (and as far as I'm concerned he gets a cookie just for that). He had 38 penalty minutes in 75 games for the Sharks this year and ended the regular season with a +6 which is particularly impressive for a guy who can also do this. OH and THIS -

That video is 5 seconds of pure melting panties. and I don't usually put "melting panties" in the "hockey" section. But, oh never mind, just go watch.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: DO NOT call him "Doug" [or you'll tangle with his mother]. (He prefers to be called "Douglas, because, when pronounced with a Swedish accent, "Doug" sounds like "dog". [I don't blame the guy one bit.]) But besides that... Well look at him. He might try to be a bad-ass hockey player. But look at those cheeks!! Who does he think he's fooling. Ok, I'm done with the "aw, how cute" moments, well probably not. But you all probably don't want to hear it anymore. So I'll move on. He's from Sweden. In fact, for Farmarlaget (his sweedish team) he was named fan favorite two years in a row. Mostly due to his CRUSHING style of play [yea, right, like the women in Sweden don't watch hockey too.]. Which the Czechs were making noise about in this years worlds. Go figure.

from the Sharks Website:

  • Nicknamed "Crankshaft"
  • A managing partner of UberTap, a hands-free, three-spouted keg tapping system. Yes, that's beer, people.

Sorry, but pretty much all I want to do is look at his chest. Oh, he plays hockey you say... I guess I was distracted. Yea, I was. I forgot to mention he's blond, pretty bad, huh?


Val said...

I love that you used melting panties and hockey together...just goes to show what a fabulous writer you are :)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I'm just glad you girls all like them.

Thank you for the complement.

Jack & Ella Designs said...

THANK YOU for this write up on Douglas Murray. (And for the one on Seto, too). I'm a West Coast loyal Sharks devotee, and love love LOVE me some Crankshaft!!

I'm definitely going to follow now... :o)

Stephanie said...

@joe2heatly ... no one asked for (or CARES about) your opinion, so I would appreciate your negative comments (and profane language) stay off my blog!! You don't like it, don't visit ... SIMPLE!!