Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bear with Me!!

I know I said we'd be back up and running with our usual schedule this week (beginning August 2nd), but there continues to be a "snag" with a few things and I can't give my full attention to the blog right now ... I'm a little behind in posting WCH that Kena has been working on so there MAY be one tomorrow IF I have the time to post it along with the pics sometime tonight.

I apologize ... these sorts of things can't be helped and I sometimes have to remind myself that I can't do everything ... unfortunately, the blog is one of the things that I'd RATHER do than what I SHOULD do ... and it seems as though everytime I turn around something comes up, but thats just my life -- I'm certain you can understand (you've been so great to us all along!)!!

THANKS for hanging in there with me (us)!!!

Although (since you guys are there through the bad, I should probably share the good with you as well!) ... I finally got the call to purchase Pens season tickets ... I am now officially a Pens STH and it feels really good (no more worrying about getting tickets and I can look forward to CEC Open House as well as the Winter Classic hopefully without any "snags!")!! : )  And for the inaugural season, no less ... there are silver linings to every cloud and I have to say that this couldn't have come at a better time for me!!


Laeioura said...

Congratulations on becoming a STH!!!! I'm totally jealous but still very happy for you! :O)

gilld22 said...

Hope everything is ok with you! I am worried! We all understand that you can't update regularly.

I am so jealous that you have a season ticket, I probably won't even get over for a game this year so I will be looking for lots of updates and pictures!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being a STH! When do you get a call if a mysterious "member of the Pittsburgh Penguins" is delivering your tickets?

Stevierae4 said...

It's all good! Congrats on the tickets...I would be jealous but I think (actually I'm pretty positive) that I'm flying up there for the winter classic so yeah I'm ok lol :D

Stephanie said...

THANKS for the comments, ladies!! I honestly can't believe I'm finally a STH ... be sure this will elevate HftL's "coverage!" ; P But seriously, I'll try to share the benefits as much as I can especially with more / better pics!!!