Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crosby and Neal Pictures of the Week

SID <3
Do it, do it, DO IT ENGO ... hit him so he's ready to come back!!
IN ALL SERIOUSNESS (to clarify), I want Sid back when he's GOOD AND READY
(but it's HARD waiting!!)

Sid with Coach Dan (and a BIG SMILE!)!
(What could they be talking about?  Hockey, no doubt with a smile like that!)

Sid signing a military plane

Sid looking dapper in another one of his SEXY suits (no tie!)!

and ...
NEALY (with that smile!) <3
THANKS to my good buddy, Debbie B., for brightening my day with a few of these!! ; )


A "congrats" smile for Engelland (lucky guy!)!

CELEBRATING WITH GENO(another BRO-mance, perhaps? One can only hope!!)

UM ... no words!!!

1 comment:

AussieGal said...

Sid looks soooo hot in that suit! bonus: he'll be back any day soon :))))