Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: James Wisniewski (Anaheim Ducks; formerly Chicago Blackhawks)

Aside from the fact that he just got traded to the Ducks, we'll be considering him hot as a former member of the Blackhawks and ignore the fact that he now plays for the Ducklings -- who, I might add, have just been soundly whupped by my Stars again [giant grin]. Anyway, onward...

Mr. Wisniewski comes forward for your viewing pleasure as the result of a suggestion from HftL reader, Mackenzie (and I'll just go ahead and say it again for anyone who might be new here. Stephanie and I LOVE requests and the requests don't have to be from the WC either. If their in the NHL, and hot, we'd like to know about them!).

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Gold Metals in the World Jr. Championship and the World U-18 Championships in 2004 and 2002 respectively. CHL Defensemen of the year in 03/04 and OHL Max Kaminsky Trophy (yes, I linked this because I didn't know what it was and had to look it up.) in 03/04. According to sources, he wields a very large and powerful... Slap shot (minds out of the gutter ladies) which was good for 17 goals, 11 on the power-play that year. Which incidentally he was named Captain of the Plymouth Whalers as well as posting the above accomplishments.
Wisniewski was called up early to the Blackhawks in the 2006-07 season and has since stuck with the Blackhawks. He tore his ACL (UGH, that's too familiar!) during the 1st period against Los Angeles on March 5, 2007. He was placed on injured reserve and missed the rest of the season. (His rookie season) So he's really just a really good prospect right now. But when he becomes a house hold name, all us ladies will be able to say, "yea, I knew about him back when."

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: A pretty pretty 5'11" 189lb blond, [laugh quieter Stephanie, yes, it's another blond guy. I can't help it the NHL is FULL of them! (swoon).] He has a wild side according to Mackenzie, but I didn't uncover any evidence of douchebaggery in my internet wanderings. So we're calling it a "just likes to have fun" wild side, and who doesn't fall for a guy like that. Mackenzie says "I am really upset that he was traded to the Ducks. He was the first hawks player I met at my first game and was an all around wonderful man."

According to Mackenzie, reasons he deserves recognition are 1) Super muscular. 2) Tattoos [I was unable to photographically confirm this but the idea is still tantalizing as always.] 3. Has "pecks of steel" [always important] 4. Out going personality, kind and sweet guy always has time for his fans. 5. [Authors personal favorite, hits a personal spot] Has his own clothing line for charity. [LINK HERE and please do read it, he'll be 3 times as hot once you do.] about which he says “I always like to dress nice and have my own style,” Wisniewski said. “We support the USO of Illinois, the families of fallen soldiers. I wanted to do something a little bit different to set up for a charity than a golf tournament or bowling event. It’s something I can have a little bit of fun with also.”

That was it, I'm done for. He's secured himself a soft spot in my heart.


gilld22 said...

He looks like a guy I used to date... The similarity is quite scary!!

Meli said...

If you want to see pictures of the tattoos, there are videos on the hawks website where he is shirtless and you can clearly see them. If I remember correctly it is when he is giving you a tour of the new hawks dressing room. Also in the background of a Burish video, he is walking around in skintight pants and you can see everything as well as the tattoos! It's the video where they talk about going to Dave's Dad's funeral. That's really sad that I know that!

Meli said...

Can you tell I'm really bored at work????
At time: @1:23

Locker Room 1 video:

Locker Room 2 video:

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Thanks Meli, um, I think I'll get right on checking him... Um... Those out.

Anonymous said...

the candid picture of the guy in the black tee shirt and hat is NOT him. :D

Aside from that, he will be SO missed here in Chicago!

Lauren said...

Mmm Mmm.

So....I'm going to the Blackhawks Fan Convention this summer and I am beyond sad that I won't get to see him there now :(