Friday, May 15, 2009

BAD BOY of Winter: Brooks Orpik (Pittsburgh Penguins)

You know, ladies, players don't really have to fight to be bad boys (in my book anyway). Take Brooks Orpik, for example, he doesn't get involved in too many fights, but he's a physical player and keeps the "peace" on the ice. Serves up alot of good checks when necessary -- I'd say that's pretty bad ass (AND sexy).

Speaking of sexy -- get a load of this screen-cap of him last year talking to Stan Savran after Game 5 of the Final -- SHIRTLESS (and smiling no less!) - YOWZA!!! I remember it well because I was just so stunned that he'd be on camera without a shirt (lucky us!)!!
Anyway, I got a little side-tracked there (and for good reason!). Really - what would the Pens do without Brooks? He's a very important part of the makeup of this team doing a damn good job of keeping on-ice bullies in line!!

As far as fights, Orpik does have a few under his belt (his total number of fights probably equalling some of the top fighters total for one season) - 13 since the 2002-2003 [AHL] season according to I tried to find video of one of his better fights, but of the little there are, they were either "draws" or not very exciting (lost or won by "not much"), so instead I figure I'd keep it to what he's good at -- HITS!!

So here's video of him at his best last year in Game 3 of the SCF (his infamous 4 hits in 15 seconds)!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

4 hits in 15 secondsJust as good as a fight, in my book. I love the sound it makes when they hit the boards, anyway. Makes my heart flutter.

Oh, and so does that picture. Oh, and the video!!!! I really didn't notice what he was saying, either...

PeytonRose said...

i've always had a secret crush on brooksie haha
i'm glad you did something on him (:

Stephanie said...

@PeytonRose - I completely understand; I honestly believe I have a crush on ALL the Penguins myself!! : P

Aubrey said...

Big, dangerous, smiling, shirtless man! I wanted to say something else, but I can't think what it was... Oh yeah, bone crunching hits are even better than fights!

P.S. After you watch the hits clip, if you click the arrow on the right to show more related videos, the whole interview with Brooksie is listed as "Orpik shows off his FREE CANDY" (Gratuitous Tanger shot at 1:35!)

thatgirl said...

Oh Brooks, he's one of my favorite Penguins!

Gotta love that picture too! :D