Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sidney Named One of 50 Most Beautiful Canadians


The 50 Most Beautiful Canadians were named by Hello Canada Magazine.

Crosby is joined by fellow hockey player Sheldon Souray (according to VERSUS' Christine Simpson) and Shania Twain tops the list.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the pictures of Sid and Sheldon from the magazine (because they were HOT - they showed them on VERSUS during the game)!! Although you can look back on our previous WC Hottie post for Sheldon to see some pretty sexy pics of hims!!

If anyone has this mag and can scan the pics, WE'D ALL APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD SEND IT!!!

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Aubrey said...

Lol, my sister was watching with me when they showed this and said, "Hey didn't you just pick that guy as the hottest non-Penguin in your hockey meme?" Finally some proof that I have good taste!