Thursday, May 7, 2009

He's Even Sexier on the Ice WITHOUT a Helmet

Yes, this week's reason is one of the more "fun" ones, but when I was watching the game last night, his helmet came off and I was just in awe of how sexy he was - his hair all messy and sweaty!! The picture below is actually from the Capitals game back on February 22nd, but it illustrates my point!!!
THANKS to Pensgirl87 for another illustration of my point (she snapped this shot of Crosby after a "tussle" during a game she attended back in March):


gilld22 said...

I must admit that I thought the same thing, when his helmet came off I couldn't help but think that he looked very sexy! Also the fact that it didn't bother him, he still stayed with the puck as long as necessary!!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Agreed. There's just something about that sexy, messy hair. Especially for him.

(The beard's looking better this year, too.)

Cat said...

Although I know it is dangerous, seeing him without his helmet makes me wish they could play without them. His dark, sexy wavy hair should not be hidden by some damn helmet.

Lizzybeth8771 said...

He was RIGHT in front of me and my friend when his helmet came off on Wednesday!! Pictures can't capture the extreme sexiness he has when he's 5 feet from you!

Pensgirl87 said...

This is sooo true...he looks amazing without his helmet. Just another reason they should at least do shootouts without helmets. Was at the Pens @ Jackets game back in March and I took this pic of him right after a tussle.