Thursday, May 28, 2009

The way he handled that trophy!
(What a MAN!)!!

I'm being totally serious about this even though it just may be a tad bit overboard, but come on, how many of us weren't watching intently with the question swirling as to whether or not he would touch it since he didn't last year and they fell just short of hoisting the Cup?!!

When I saw him just reach for it and latch his mits firmly on that Prince of Wales trophy, I swear it was one of the sexiest things I've seen him do and I lost my breath for a minute -- that is until I screamed, "what a man!" No, I did - REALLY (and my husband ignored it as he always does when it comes to my hormonal rants about Sid!)!

If you didn't catch it (or want to watch it AGAIN, like me!), I made sure to post it to illustrate this week's reason!!!


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Erika Zimmerman said...

i love it. he was just like, this is ours and we're gonna take it. wooo!