Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: James Neal (Dallas Stars)

Neal was a "call up" for the Stars early this last year when it was apparent that we were going to be to riddled with injuries to really put a competitive team on the ice. He was a huge part of the Stars almost run at the playoffs. Thanks to him and his
amazing chemistry with Mike Modano who describes him as having "great hands, great touch, and a great sense around the net." [OK - that statement just makes my toes curl coming from Mo!]

We was a big part of our (or my I guess) Stars grand success in the prospects tournament (along with Brunnstrom )

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Ass kicking rookie, not much more needs be said!!! At the time I started writing this, he was 1st among all Rookies in the league in goals scored (I think he ended up finishing 2nd overall. His final goal total for the season was 24 G 13 A for 37 P). Including 2 goals in the 10-2 ass whippin the Stars laid on the NYR (yes, I know fat lot of good it did them, but it was fun at the time). He was really rolling for team Canada in the worlds here recently before taking a stick to the face and getting stitches in his eyelid. (ouch... um... "kiss and make better, sweetheart?") [aren't you thoughtful, Kena?!]

Stars Captain, Brenden Morrow, describes him as "a badass, western Canadian kid" (via radio interview [laugh quieter Stephanie, the ladies are trying to read... OF COURSE I was listening personally]). [how did you know I was laughing - wait, it has to do with YOU and your Morrow, thats how!]

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Adorable!!!!! Despite the "zombie like" photo of him that was taken at the "young stars" game this past Jan, (2009) in Montreal, he's MUCH better looking on TV and there are much better photos available. Kinda shy but also cocky at the same time [sucks in deep breath to avoid estrogen overload] [DOING THE SAME!] Which is a combination no red-blooded hockey-loving female can possibly hope to resist. He always seems so quiet, sweet, and unassuming then he drops the hammer. S.E.X.Y!!! Of the Dark brown hair, and really neat gray eyes. (The eyes are "To die for" according to HftL reader Kristen H. and I can't agree more.) He is quite the stud at 6'3 and 205lbs. James "the Real Deal" Neal as a moniker is just so TOTALLY cute, it even transforms me into a giggling fuzzy little ball of puckbunny. [LOVE that description!]

Derick Brassard vs. James Neal (Neal drops him with one punch, and he begs off (baby) to go get stitches, in the cut over his eye.) Watch the fight, even if you have to make a special effort of it. It is SO worth it!!!! BADASS western Canadian kid, INDEED!!!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing. This was a great post for this Hottie. I love the pics too :). Keep up the good work and We Love you James!

Cat said...

You made me so curious that I just had to go find more pictures. What a cutie!!! He's got such an adorable smile. Awesome choice!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Kena, you are holding out on me and did not tell me you had written a post on my favorite Stars' rookie. Best thing about Stars Hockey in HD, James Neal's eyelashes. And he is just as adorable in person. I got to congratulate him on his hat trick the week after he got it. He was adorably modest while at the same time trying not to be giddy about it. Too cute.