Friday, August 13, 2010

BLACKHAWKS: The Cup and Hockey Girlfriends / Wives

OK ... so they're not just any random hockey girlfriends ... these are girlfriends of a couple of the Blackhawks players.  Since they're the SC Champs, photos have been floating around the internet of the players' days with the Cups which obviously would include their lovely ladies as well.

I just figured I'd post some of them to share with all of you (they're actually pretty cool pics) since a few of you have brought them to my attention ... so ENJOY!!! : )

ANDREW LADD - these are some HOT-ASS SEXY pics!!(supposedly they got engaged sometime after his day with the Cup ... I can see why : p)



Joyce said...

Steph, just wanted to let you know, the Hockey Hall of Fame site has a whole Stanley Cup section that has pic and stories of everyone's day with the cup.
I saw it last year with the Pens and have been following the Blackhawks also.

lizagirl84 said...

wow hotness thanks for these great posts today great way to start my day

Anonymous said...

where did you find the professional photoshoot of ladd?