Friday, August 13, 2010

PLEASE ... Say It Ain't So, Mo!!

Everyone who regularly reads this blog knows that Mike Modano is a staple here (CLICK HERE FOR HIS WCH POST). As a matter of fact, he's probably THE hockey player that Stephanie and I agree on the MOST. [surprising, I KNOW!]

So needless to say if one of us doesn't notice something that changes involving him, the other one will (at which point the fibers of the internet are scorched by the email passing between us).

Well as the resident Stars fan representing this blog, I consider it my duty to inform our loyal readership of the TRAVESTY that has befallen your dedicated editors.

Mike Modano is a (gasp, I can barely type this) Red (gag, it won't come out) Wing (also know on this blog, at least in my writings as "the Spawn of Satan / Devils spawn").


The list of possible reasons is really too long to post here (yes, even for one of my long-winded posts), but I'm going to toss in my personal opinions anyway.
  1. It's a matter of coaching/front office shuffling about. It's a known fact that the ever-classy Modano actually went so far as to publicly admit to not being happy having "he who shall not be named" (Sean Avery) as a team mate. Nor was he happy with the switch to Mark Crawford as coach, and add in the fact that Stars owner Tom Hicks' company is strapped for cash ... well, you get where I'm going with that line of thought.
  2. The "Spawn of Satan" (Red Wings) have been wooing him on the last several trips the Stars have made to Detroit (Modano is a Michigan native, growing up not too far from Detroit) so I'm sure the temptation there was strong and the "Spawn" topped it off on the final Stars/Wings game of the 09/10 season with a pretty extravagant ceremony honoring him as the Highest scoring/points earning American Born player.
So while Stephanie and I try to settle our quivering lower lips and not weep genuine salt-filled tears, please lament with us (or celebrate, since I know that a few Wings fans read this blog. You lucky, lucky ladies -enjoy him)!  AND BE SURE TO TAKE REALLY GOOD CARE OF HIM (or call us and we'll be more than happy to take care of that for you!)!!!


Stevierae4 said...

GACK I still can't believe it...

Deanna said...

No worries, we are VERY excited to have Mo in a Wings jersey and will take very good care of him!

Cat said...

While I'm not a big Stars fan I do think Modano ranks right up there at the top, with Shane Doan, on the classy scale. Seeing him in a Wings jersey is both painful and a bit nauseating. While I wish him nothing but the best, I will still cringe whenever I see him in red. (my apologies to Deanna - while I do not like the Wings as a team I have nothing but the greatest respect for many of the players)

Rasha said...
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Rasha said...

Like Deanna said, we will take very good care of him over here in Detroit :)

Sorry that you guys hate my lovely Red Wings<3!! But the way I see it, it's the same way people feel about the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, and the New England Patriots, lol :)

The Russian Five Blogger said...

personally i'm SO happy he's coming to detroit...he's definitely a perfect fit for the style of hockey the red wings play...i have a feeling mo's going to have a GREAT season :)