Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Western Conference Hottie: Alex Edler (Vancouver Canucks)

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Alexander Edler was a virtual unknown during his draft year – unranked by the NHL Central Scouting Bureau the entire year. He was brought to the attention of the Vancouver Canucks by the team's head scout in Sweden, Thomas Gradin, who saw Edler playing in Sweden's third-tier league with now-defunct Jamtland. Although Gradin would refer to the team's level of play as little more than beer-league-calibre, he was impressed with Edler and encouraged Canucks management to draft him (Edler's number 23 with the Canucks would be chosen by team trainers in honour of Gradin). The Canucks traded up in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft to acquire the Dallas Stars' third-round draft pick in exchange for their own third-round pick in 2005 and selected Edler 91st overall. The deal was made with the Stars in lieu of speculation that the Detroit Red Wings had a high interest in Edler and wanted to draft him in the third round, having also discovered Edler in Sweden through their European scout Håkan Andersson, responsible for the Red Wings' previous late-round steals Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk.

After being selected by the Canucks, Thomas Gradin brokered a move for Edler to play with Modo's elite junior team of the J20 SuperElit in 2004, who produced future Canucks teammates Markus Naslund, Henrik and Daniel Sedin. Early in the season, he was called up by the Canucks on November 3, 2006, after an injury to defenseman Sami Salo and made his NHL debut on November 4 against the Colorado Avalanche. Edler was called up on several more occasions throughout the length of his professional rookie season and appeared in 22 games total for the Canucks. Back in the AHL, he scored 5 goals and 26 points in 49 games and was named Manitoba's Rookie of the Year. Playing in his rookie season with the Canucks in 07–08, Edler was chosen to compete in the 2008 NHL Young Stars Game for the Western Conference. Noted for his offensive skills, he showcased his powerful slap shot at the Canucks 2008 Super Skills event, beating reigning hardest shooter Sami Salo with a 99.3 mile per hour shot. And again, in 2010. [VIDEO]

OMG ... LOOK AT THOSE ARMS!! *drool*

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: How does anyone ever go wrong, with a “hard shot?" [Or anything hard really... Oops, did I just say that?] For that matter, how do you go wrong with a Swedish hockey stud? There’s a reason men lust after the “Swedish model” and thanks to hockey, the tables have been turned and all of us ladies can lust after our own version of the “Swedish model, the “Swedish hockey stud” well, in this case the object of our lust is this gem from the land of Ingrid Bergman.

At 6’3 and a deliciously buffet (or just plain buff... and oh how I’d like to “buff” his “hockey stick”... [good grief, I think that puddle on the floor is my drool]) sized 215lbs. With those soft looking, gently curling golden locks and sky blue eyes, he’d melt the big screen if they decided to put him in a feature film. Too much screen time, those pixels couldn’t take it. But I’m going to give you this last video and I think we’ll all chance it.

and once you’ve tempted fate (aka exploding pixels) how can you not try it one more time? Do it, it’s worth it (you get to drool on him some more).


Krista said...

Yes! I've been waiting for Edler to make the Hottie rounds since I first found HHFTL. Such a stud. And the fact that he's great at hockey is a bonus, too.

missy said...

Edler is amazingly gorgeous. I'd say possibly even the most gorgeous player on the Canucks team. I absolutely love him. And as a plus, he's becoming a big part of our defensive core.

smile:) said...

i agree with missy he ties with raymond. they are both really prettty :D

Elle Tee said...

@Smile you and I think alike :) Edler and May Ray are my two absolute faves on the team.

glassedpickles said...

LOL hes cute but just wondering cause my friend wants to know does he have a gf?