Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Focus on the Fight Against Cancer

I've added new links to track the progress (and view pictures) of the Stanley Cup 4 Cancer!!

With the recent cancer-causing deaths we've suffered over the last few weeks, I believe it's fitting to do a post on some of the people who have contacted me regarding things they are doing to take an active approach in the fight against the horrible disease that is taking so many lives (in hockey and otherwise) ... the twist of the two people in this post is that their charity is hockey-related which is really pretty cool!!

If you have a minute, be sure to check what these women are doing to help the fight against cancer and help their cause if you're so inclined!!  THANKS!!

Stanley Cup 4 Cancer
Marissa Krupa (photo courtesy of Puck Daddy)

Marissa was recently featured on the ever-popular Puck Daddy blog (which you should consider reading to get a more detailed background of Marissa and her project) at the end of July which is around the same time she contacted me to kindly ask if I would consider participating.  As most of you are aware my life kept me away from the blog for a few weeks, so this was the first chance I got to post the information.

Marissa's motivation for the project came about after her mother and brother were diagnosed with Stage 3 neurological tumors within a few weeks of each other (March and April 2009).  Her love of the Blackhawks, their Stanley Cup win, and bonding with her family during Game 5 of the Final became inspiration for the project itself and involves the "Burning Man" celebration which takes place in Black Rock Desert, Nevada - also known as "the playa" - and runs this year from August 30th - September 6 ... learn more about "Burning Man" by CLICKING HERE!). 

The actual project?  Marissa is creating a replica Stanley Cup out of cardboard, writing names of cancer survivors as well as those who take part in their struggle ... a spiritual offering and memorial for those who have succumb to the unyielding disease that affect so many.
The Cup symbolizes so many different things for the players who win it and the fans who witness it. For Krupa, it's a symbol of hope and strength for families like hers that have suffered, and battled, through the horrors of cancer.
If you would like to learn more about Marissa's project (OR would like to include a name on the Cup), visit her Facebook page, "Stanley Cup 4 Cancer," or email her at stanleycup4cancer@gmail.comYou can also watch progress of the project on her YouTube channel HERE as well as view photos HERE!!

Drawing the Pittsburgh Penguins [for MLF]
Michelle Jurgens

Michelle is from all the way "Down Under" - Australia - and she started drawing in order to "survive the off season" and currently has a blog appropriately named, "Drawing the Pittsburgh Penguins," highlighting all of her drawings (which are amazing, BTW!).

Soooo please help Michelle choose which of her drawings she should send to the MLF for auction by visiting her blog and taking part in her poll by CLICKING HERE!!
The loss of loved ones to cancer inspired me to give back. I saw your posts and was devastated to hear that so many people have lost their lives to cancer in the past month.I contacted the MLF last night about donating 2 of my drawings for auction. The only problem is I don't know which 2. I have set up a voting poll ...
If you would like more information about Michelle, her drawings, and / or her MLF project, visit her blog, "Drawing the Pittsburgh Penguins" or email her at mugglemayhem@gmail.com.

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