Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crosby and Neal Pictures of the Week (All-Star Edition)

Of course there are STILL more pictures of Nealy than Sid, but that's OK (let's let Nealy have a little of the spotlight before Sid gets back -- I'm DEF OK with that - how about you ladies?!)!!! 

Did anyone else catch how excited Neal seemed to be about being at the ASG and festivities this weekend??  Almost like he was a little kid again ... I'd catch him looking around (like he was trying to take everything in!)!!  Now you can appreciate his appreciating the experience THAT MUCH and it genuinely illustrates that he was more than deserving of that spot -- regardless of whether he replaced someone or not!!  I hope he never loses that quality (my friend, Deb, says he's "unassuming" and I think that's a perfect way to explain it -- a really great quality for a guy -- probably one of the reasons he's so endearing to alot of us!)!!  GOOD FOR YOU, JAMES!!!

THANKS also to my buddy, Deb, for passing some of these along!! ; D

 ENJOY, Ladies!!!

This week we'll start with Sid first because there are only two pics:

YUM!! ;) - January 13, 2012
(last time he skated before yesterday, 01/30/2012)

(first time he's skated since 01/13/2012)

(did anyone catch him tap the Pens kid with his stick?!!)

My FAV pose
(they were calling these "team portraits")

LOOK at how happy our boys are to be at the 2012 ASG!!
(GREAT pic of the three of them!!)
LOOKING GOOD on the ice!!


TheNWChica said...

So much yay for seeing Crosberry skating again; and in every interview I thought that Jimmy was going to burst he was so excited.

Oh, and LeGame really really really needs a haircut.

Stephanie said...

AGREED on all accounts ... I just want to make note that I'm not picking on LeGame (because he's still SEX-ON-SKATES), but his hair leaves a little to be desired ...

LOVING that Crosby is skating (I honestly think he may be close to coming back again) and I just LOVED watching Nealy at the ASG this weekend!!! ;)

THANKS for the comment!!! LOVE hearing from you!

AussieGal said...

Tanger can park his skates under my bed anyday!