Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Western Conference Hottie REWIND: Patrik Berglund (St. Louis Blues)

March 4, 2009

OK ladies, you knew I couldn't stay away from the blond guys forever, so I'm sorry but your just going to have to indulge me. I was watching the horribleness that was the Stars v Blues the other day (well a tragedy for Stars fans, anyway) and he scored the 2nd of STL's 3 goals of the night. Being somewhat unfamiliar with the Blues, I got WAY more than I expected when the camera panned in on him. I could only muster a gape mouth stare.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: A first round draft pick of the St. Louis Blues, in 2006, they liked him enough to keep him and it looks like it might be paying off. He's 2nd in points on the Blues. And yes, before you say it I know it's the blues. But you know, they started out pretty well this season, and are suffering the loss of their Captain (not unlike a certain team I have a personal soft spot for.) Actually he's the chief producer of points, right after Brad Boyes who has played 7 more games than he has. So who's gonna gripe. Plus he's keeping awfully good company. He's posted a plus-or-even game in 48 of the 56 games he has played in. Has points in 27 of his 56 games and notched 10 multi-point games this season, 9 two-point games and 1-three- point game. (and remember, this is his first year in the NHL!) He's also responsible for notching the Blues' 10,000th franchise goal on Nov. 1, 2008 vs. Pittsburgh. (On second thought should I really mention that fact on a predominately Penguins blog.) [laughs,] (remember, the pens won so you can't lynch me,) [more laughs].

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Since I already gave it away in the very first sentence of this post, he's my usual "type" of 6'4" 189 lbs. of blond, blue eyed Swede. [yes, Stephanie had to ask me several times what my name was after the sight of him nearly made me faint] [she still doesn't answer to her name]!! Quite honestly, I can't find out much of anything about him other than what he looks like. If you're liked the pictures, you'll probably want to take a VERY close look (and listen if you have the same weakness for Swedish accents that I do) to these 2 videos. (1.) He's the 2nd interview in this VIDEO. (2.) He's also the 2nd interview in this VIDEO. You can fast forward to about 2:28 unless David Perron is your type of thing. He's not really mine, but he doesn't bark, either. Since I can't read Swedish, this area is rather thin on details. However, in my travels on the internet, I did come up with one pretty good quote. "And when I started this year, I was not good at all. But I have to credit our coaches -- all four of them -- for really helping me get better in that area of the game. They got me into the right position on the ice, got me to get my stick down and be facing the way of the puck, toward it. I wanted to work on it, but they really deserve the credit. But I'd be enjoying this a lot more if we were winning more games." Sounds like a promising personality to me.

But for the most part (since this HftL, after all) my goodness, set back and take a look at all the pretty!!! MEOW!!!! [I definitely have to second the Me-OW!!! You guys all know my type is far from blond, but Berglund is a real hottie who just couldn't be ignored -- good choice, Kena!]!!

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