Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crosby and Neal Pictures of the Week: Let's Ring in the New Year Edition ...

I am tired of being mopey (about hockey and life IN GENERAL), so I thought some pics of my hockey men would help and I figured they wouldn't hurt you ladies either - YOU'RE WELCOME - lol ; P

BTW, if I haven't said it lately (which is likely since I've been "hiding" for the past few weeks) ... I MISS SID and I'd be lying if I didn't add that I'm starting to get a little concerned ...

ENOUGH OF THAT, Stephanie (or I won't be working on one of my MANY new year's resolutions!!!!  Do you ladies have any that you'd like to share???  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST COMMENTS (you'd be doing be a favor -- I need to take part in some conversation with my ladies - hockey or OTHERWISE!)!!

NOW ... on to the GOOD STUFF (most of them are of my Nealy [THANKS to my good buddy, Debbie!] because, as you are all too aware, Sid is in hiding : ( )  OOPS - there I go again, so I must GET TO THE PICS!!!!

 ENJOY, Ladies!!!

That SMILE, ugh - just HIM (he's PERFECT!)!!

THANK YOU, Debbie!!  I LOVE this one (and I REALLY MISS the fu!)(Debbie doesn't take credit for creating this masterpiece, so if you recognize it LMK and I'll post credit!)

(so WHY do I always focus on his hands???!!!) ...

AND who wouldn't want to have his babies???!!!!!!
Am I the only one who thinks how he wears his cap is sexy??!!!!

oh, yeah ...
moving to the next picture helped LOTS!!!
This one ... this one I'm blowing up 'life-size,'
putting it up in my bedroom and


Laeioura said...

(so WHY do I always focus on his hands???!!!) ...

Hehe, I don't think I can answer this question without... well, I'll just let that one go so we can keep this comment section Rated PG :D

AND who wouldn't want to have his babies???!!!!!!


Am I the only one who thinks how he wears his cap is sexy??!!!!
So sexy, but seriously, there's not much about him that isn't sexy...

lizagirl84 said...

thanks for a great post and i also love how sid wears his hat. no worries on the sid front he will be back. ps singlenow willing to have sid's babies guess i will have to take a number.

Stephanie said...

@Laura - THANKS for the *smile* (you're funny and THINK LIKE I DO which is why we get along!)!! ; )

"...there's not much about him that isn't sexy..."

@lizagirl84 - THANKS for enjoying the post; I'm afraid the line to have Sid's babies is longer than the STH waiting list and I believe I have a longer "wait" than any of you single ladies since I'M MARRIED!! ; P

TheNWChica said...

Bing is one of a very few boys that I would actually have a baby for. I think he's going to make a great dad someday; but am I the only one that thinks that kids scare him a little?

And as for Jimmy, I miss the fu manchu too. He's a boy that it looks really great on.

Stephanie said...

@TheNWChica - I think I share your feeling on Sid being one of the few guys I'd consider babies with (and I'm married - does that make it wrong?) : S And IDK about the being scared of kids ... I've always thought he looks really comfortable around them (but I'll definitely have to take a CLOSER LOOK!)!! ; P

And can I just say that I LOVE that you call my Nealy, "Jimmy" (and Crosby, "Bing," for that matter - I know thats tPB name for him and I don't always agree with them or their thinking, but I've always loved that) ... BACK TO "Jimmy" ... we used to sit by a guy who called him that and I thought it was FUN especially for a GUY!!!

And YES - he's one of the few guys that genuinely ROCKS the fu (made him sexier, if thats even possible!)!!


I LOVE talking about my men!!! <3

THANKS for the comments, ladies, keep them coming!!! :)

stoneyblue said...

Hard to not focus on the hands, or his rear when he's in a suit....
and "the big deal" enough said ;-)