Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is Jordan Staal Engaged??

First off, THANKS to Peyton S. for emailing me the "tip" weeks back!

And, for those of you who may not know, Heather Dysievick has been Jordan Staal's longtime girlfriend (for IDK how many years, but it's been a while!).

I KNOW, Ladies (but you knew it was going to happen sooner or later - he IS the next one in line); the thing is ... I've been "researching" this for a while now and still can't come up with much more than a screencap of Heather's FB page as confirmation (pictured left; altered for everyone's privacy; NOTE: the "yesterday" does not refer to it actually being yesterday ... this pic has been out for a few weeks and was just the time that it was screencapped).

In my personal opinion, I believe this "rumor" that had the internet a buzz a few weeks ago is very true. I can't give you firm / solid confirmation as to why, but I can just tell you that things I came across in my research make me believe it.  I post this for all of you to come to your own conclusions.

The one (maybe two which I'll get to after this) main point I want to make is that Heather's Facebook page is blocked even if you search for it on Facebook by name, so this would mean someone who is legitimate in her life had access to it and took a screencap and now it's out in the internet world for all to see.  That, to me, makes this screencap credible. 

My other point is this: I never like to post rumors and do alot of work to check the facts before I post it on HftL, but sometimes I can't always do that and I have to make decision which is what I did in this case.  I didn't post this to be evil or negative nor would I ever do that.  Ultimately, this blog is about hockey players and providing information about them that you wouldn't get on a typical blog or news page, so I wanted to provide my followers with what I believe you're interested in. 

Most female fans are not spiteful and just want to be thoughtful when it comes to their favorite hockey teams and players.  I'm here and this blog was created to represent just that and to show everyone that just because we're interested doesn't make us evil or wrong (or less of a fan) ... and basically I just want to wish the couple the best (for ALL fans) and to say ...

(if you are, in fact, engaged!)


India said...

Lucky girl. Guess I'll have to turn my hopes to Jarhead...

Stephanie said...

DEF lucky girl, India ... that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy L@@KING!!! ;D And I'm not sure who Jarhead is (probably when you tell me I'll feel silly for asking!) ...

No need to be sad about the news ... it's not like he's going anywhere (like if he was traded!)!!

THANKS for the comment :)

Stephanie said...

PS - I think any girl who 'snags' herself a hockey player is pretty lucky!!! ;)