Friday, January 9, 2009

BAD BOY of Winter: Eric Godard (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Eric Godard is a bad ass - that's all there is to it (and that's HOT!)! How else would you explain opposing players' need to cower and skate to the bench when he skates over to them and gives them a look?!!! He'll throw down with anyone, anyplace, anytime and knows his role on the team. He has quickly become one of my all-time favorite players although we haven't been seeing alot of him. One thing is for sure, he has a great physical presence on the ice and is a way better enforcer for the team than Laraque ever was.

The best part about Godard (as with most bad boys, I've found) is that he's rough and tough on the ice, but is typically quite a sweet guy off of the ice - case in point, the infamous "stretch-out- your-arm-to-take-our-picture" picture of him and HftL reader, Elizabeth C.!! To this day, I still think that is one of the sweetest things that I've heard a player do!! Look at him (I absolutely LOVE this picture -- YOU are one lucky lady, Elizabeth!)!!

OK - on to the good stuff, the fights! According to, he's tied for second place with three other players with a total of 12 fights (as of yesterday afternoon). There's alot of good ones to choose from, but I had to choose my most favorites which was hard to do because this guy has a talent for fighting and makes it look easy!

October 14, 2008
VS Riley Cote


Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

Two words: THANK YOU.
Eric Godard makes me swoon. He's one tall glass of Canadian hockey badass deliciousness. He's grown on me throughout the season, but I now openly admit he does something for me.

P.S. Elizabeth, I'm completely jealous!

Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

Ok, forgot to include this in my first comment...

I was at the October 14 game against the Flyers, so I saw that fight in person. It was right then that I said to myself, "Eric Godard, I could love you someday."

That "look" he gets when he wants to drop the gloves is all business and oh so sexy!

This post made my Friday.

Erika Zimmerman said...

Thank you thank you thank you!
No one seems to understand my love of Godard. He's amazing and I definately agree with KD about the pre-fight face: epic sezy right there! :]

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I so love the Cote fight!!!!!

Especially the end, where Godard is all "we're done ref, I whipped his ass." and Cote, is "I want some more of him, but I'm a little scared of him now".

and "the look" just turns my knees to melted butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

I'll be sitting at the glass for the game against the Sharks on 2/11 (I'll take lots of pictures!) I want to make a sign for my favorite Bad Boy of Winter to show him some extra love. However, at this point, I'm at a loss for something clever.

If any of you lovely ladies can think of anything, please let me know!

Stephanie said...


I'm at a loss right now too, but if I think of anything - I'll be sure to let you know!!

Jamie-Lynn said...

Godard made a fan of me when the Pens went to Dicks at the Mall at Robinson to unveil the new third jersey. While the other guys pretty much ran for the hills after the presentation was over, Godard stuck around for ages signing a million things for the huge group of fans in the store. Got a few good pictures of him busy signing stuff. He's a stand-up dude. Made a fan out of me for sure!

P.S. You need Paul Bissonnette for the next Bad Boy of Winter... Bizz Nasty is mad sexy... I've been hooked since he ran around in the locker room without a shirt for 2.5 seconds behind Sidney Crosby months ago at the beginning of a game. That's all it took. He does often run around the locker room without a shirt while everyone else is in full pads at the beginning of games, it's like he knows he's dead sexy and we live for those 2.5 seconds at the beginning of the game. I DVR them and watch them over and over. I'm not gonna lie.

Anonymous said...

Eric Godard was named #5 in the new book of the decade's toughest fighters: