Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hotties of the Western Conference: Valtteri Filppula (Detroit Redwings)

This post comes as the result of a request by HftL reader, KD. Stephanie and I have covered the fact that on this blog, we do not discriminate against a players hotness based on team affiliations. [READ HERE]. This blog is for hockey related eye candy. Because we're still ladies and no matter how fun, exciting and well played a game might be. We still get those "oh my, he looks good" flashes through our brains when we see various players regardless of what team they might play for.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Actually, I really got nothin'. I try to avoid watching the Wings in all honesty. Lest I be seduced into admiration of the teams skill at the game of hockey, and forget I dislike them for various reasons... So I'm just giving you some "bare bones" facts for this post. In 2006-07 he
Appeared in 73 games in his rookie season when he led Detroit rookies in time on ice per game, averaging 11:15 per game He scored his first NHL goal on 10/28 against the St. Louis Blues. Scored his first goal at home at the Joe Louis Arena on 12/31 vs. the Los Angeles Kings He appeared in all 18 of Detroit’s postseason games. Three goals and two assists leads all Detroit rookies.

Other Facts Include.
-Currently in his third season in the National Hockey League, all with Detroit.
-Won his first Stanley Cup championship in 2008.
-Signed a new five-year deal with Detroit on July 30, 2008.
2008-09 Regular Season:
-Has recorded four points (1-3--4) over the last five games.
-Has three multi-point games this season.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: What KD, has to say about him - "I hope what I am about to do does not anger the hockey gods. As a tried-and-true, black-and-Vegas-gold-bleeding Pens fan, I feel as though I am participating in some sort of sacrilege with this thought. As much as the Detroit Red Wings make my blood boil, *deep breath* I must nominate Valterri Fippula for a Hottie of the Western Conference honor.

Even though blond-haired, blue-eyed guys normally aren't my cup of tea (Sorry, Kena) [don't worry no offense is taken, that just leaves more for me (hysterical laughter)] (I've made exceptions for Jordan Staal and Taylor Pyatt ) [How can I possibly disagree with you on those 2?!?], I can't help but find Val drool-worthy. His platinum blond hair and electric blue eyes can only be described as stunning. Also, he does have one trait that always looks good on any man: a strong jaw (see: Staal, Jodran). I've attached a few of my favorite Val pics, including the one that initially made me temporarily lose respiratory function.

The first time I saw his picture, I was surfing the web with one of my best friends (and fellow hockey fanatic) for Wings stats (puke) [amen to your "puke" and I'll raise you a gag, ugh! But seriously, how can I find fault with you, KD? When I'm in the same boat myself, in regards to 1. Nik Lidstrom [READ HERE ] 2. Hank Zetterberg and 3. Chris Osgood (laugh all you want ladies, my hormones are not changing their minds. I've TRIED to talk them out of that one!)] during the Stanley Cup Finals last year. When his picture came up in one of the articles we had found, I could do nothing but let my mouth hang open in awe and point to the screen. [I've been in the same boat on more than one occasion myself.] Once I gained some composure, I was able to inquire about his identity, and here we are today. So, dear hockey gods, please do not smite me for my love of hockey eye candy, but appreciate the fact that I am still able acknowledge his beauty, even if he does play for the evil empire. [The term "evil empire" made me giggle uncontrollably, however, I can't agree more with this description.]

I must say that I'm very glad to have a request now and then. Because I simply can't find every player in the entire WC that's worthy of our, um, "attentions". There also remains the fact, that what's hot to me may be luke-warm to others and the whole point of this blog, and very specifically this feature. Is to broaden out view of what all's out there.


gilld22 said...

There is something about this guy that is cute but I just cant get past the huuugge dark eyebrows, they just look so out of place!!!

Anonymous said...

mmm hottie.
too bad he's on the wings.

Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

Thanks, Kena! :)
I was snowed (and iced) in yesterday, so seeing Val make the cut completely made my day. I definitely just starred at my computer screen for a good five minutes. His eyes completely suck me in.

If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for blue eyes. However, I prefer the brown hair/blue eyes combo.