Monday, January 26, 2009

Eastern Conference Eye Candy: Stephen Valiquette (New York Rangers)

This choice comes thanks to HftL reader, Lexie H., who was nice enough to send me a picture along with a story from a game she attended the last time the Penguins played the NY Rangers.
Okay so this guy is supper sweet and HOT! he is #40 of the rangers and his name is Stephen Valiquette! He was sooo hot but i could never get a really good picture! then a guy came up beside him and was looking around so i got his attention and pointed to the goalie but he just looked away....then the second period was over going into in the third period the guy came out i pointed to the goalie again...THIS TIME he started talking to him for about a minute then HE LOOKED OVER!!! He was very sweet and smiled! Then when i got a good picture i gave him a thumbs up to tell him i got a picture! Then he winked at me! ahh like i said soooo hot! It was an interesting game but anytime they werent playing i was looking at him!
And then I opened the picture attached to the e-mail -- she wasn't lyin' -- the guy is H-O-T - HOT!!! He could sell ice to an Eskimo with that smile; got me right away!!

In my research, I found he has his own official webpage and he wears a Spider Man goalies mask (how cool is that?!)!!

He's described on his site as a "late bloomer" as far as goaltending goes and didn't make the "A" team until after he attended his first 2-week goaltending school which is why he has organized his own goaltending school; even provides private lessons which I could seriously be interested in ; ) !! However, I'm sorry to say I hear he's married, ladies.

But, THANKS Lexie, for the inspiration / motivation for this "eye candy" post!! He's definitely a hottie!!


Erika Zimmerman said...

awwww! adorable pic lexi!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...


Blond, sweet and MOTIVATED!!

Extra sweet of him to smile at her.

Thanks for sharing Lexi.

Great pics.

See, he must be hot. I'm reduced to single sentences.

Anonymous said...

AHH hottie with (i'm assuming a hot) body!!
and you got a really nice picture of him at your game!!

Shawn said...

Stephen Valiquette is my first cousin, no lie haha, he's awesome

Stephanie said...

@Shawn - WOW!!! Make sure to pass along the post to him!! ; ) He IS pretty awesome and I was sad to to hear that he's playing in the AHL (but at least he's still playing!)!!

THANKS for the comment!!

Shawn said...

i will let him know he has lots of fans, and the ladies love him haha, it sucks he's in the AHL right now, he was really disappointed when it happened, but my uncle was at my house a few weeks ago and steve called, i guess theres talk of him going to the canucks backing up luongo next year. they played together in the islander days. so keep ur fingers crossed!

Stephanie said...

COOL!!! And I'll definitely keep my fingers crossed ... he deserves to be back up with the big boys!!! And backing up Luongo wouldn't be such a bad gig!

THANKS Shawn ... wish Steve the best from us!! ; D