Monday, January 19, 2009

HftL Does the All-Stars (Western Conference): JEAN-SEBASTIEN GIGUERE of the Anaheim Ducks

Firstly, let me say. There is no such thing as a "hot" Duckling, PERIOD. I am a Stars fan, and as far as I'm concerned, the only good duck, is one which is thoroughly plucked, cooked and in some sort of sauce on my plate.

What's Hot - Wayne Gretzky to appear twice as a main Wellllll... (see above); however, I am not one to judge hotness based on team affiliation. His family has a yellow lab named Henri (drool, dogs get me every time)…his favorite television shows are “CSI: Miami,” (yea) “The Sopranos” (I can understand this) and “Deadwood” (huh). His first job was as a security guard [uh, REALLY hot] for various events throughout the Montreal area where he's from. He's appeared three times on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," twice following Anaheim’s Stanley Cup run in 2003 making him the only NHL player since guest on the show, and once with Brad May and Chris Pronger the night following the Ducks’ 2007 Stanley Cup championship.

What's Hockey - In his last 10 outings he's stopped 272-of-297 shots for a .916 SV%. Recorded his 200th career NHL win on Dec. 7th vs. CBJ. Played in his 400th game as a Duck, Dec. 1st @ DET. Earned his second shutout (31st career), stopping all 35 shots on Nov. 4th @ LAK. He won the Stanley cup with the Ducks in BOTH 2003 & 2007. Is subtle, quietly good at tending goal. I know I always dread playing against him although he had a streak where the Stars could do no wrong when they sent a shot his way. That hot streak seems to have cooled, however.


Anonymous said...

His wife, whose name escapes me now, is from Halifax. They met when J-S was playing for the Mooseheads. She worked for my friends at their menswear shop, Dugger's, which is also where Sidney has gotten his suits since he was about 11. Anyway, Jiggy stole her away but Ross (the owner) still welcomes them back every summer when they come for a visit. Two years ago my oldest son was at a Pub called "My Father's Mustache" which is pretty much next door to Dugger's (where Jamie had been putting my new charge account to the test) when Jiggy, his wife and the baby came in. Jamie went over and introduced himself (he's not shy) and mentioned he was a friend of Ross's. Jiggy and his wife invited him to join them for lunch but Jamie had just eaten so he sat and chatted a while and left when their food came. Said J-S was as nice as they come and so is his wife (who Jamie also noted is "way hot" and the baby was really sweet.

So nice that so many of the guys in the pros are still nice and have not gotten big heads (Jamie said even Jagr was nice- and absolutely MASSIVE- that's something coming from my 6' 4" 250# hockey player!!).

Nice article!!

teri....finally almost recovered from the pneumonia I had over Christmas.

Lauren said...

Wow, he's hot. And that picture with his family is adorable!

@Teri: Thanks so much for telling that great story! I love hearing stories like that about people having great experiences meeting players! :)