Thursday, January 8, 2009

Does Going Five Hole Read HftL? You Tell ME!

I was browsing the Penguins blogosphere this morning and I came upon something quite interesting! Going Five Hole has coincidentally stumbled upon Crosby's workouts that I posted a few days ago complete with a reference to puck bunnies!!
You'll be NHL ready in no time...or for any puck bunnies out there, you'll just have a good time enjoying looking at the Penguins captain.
Excuse me Mr. GFH, but I believe we, as female hockey fans, should have no shame in looking at the beautiful specimen known as the male hockey player (especially when he's as gorgeous as Sid) while enjoying the game itself. Believe me, I guarantee the majority of us can talk hockey with the best of any male fans!! To take a quote from another knowledgeable female hockey blog, The Hockey Junkies,
We aren't afraid to say "Oh, he's hot" because we know hockey.
AMEN, sister! This must be the mantra of any female hockey fan seeing as how the opposite sex refuses to think we know hockey just because we enjoy the sights of the game - PLEASE!!

But what screenshot does he choose to post? Well, Sid's luscious rock-hard abs, of course!!

Honestly, I think HftL is the guilty pleasure of every male hockey fan (and this just proves it)!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Those guys just wish we were drooling on them.

Hey they have cheerleaders, and dancers. I'm sure the franchises wouldn't mind not paying that bill.

Think how much more profit is available from the female fan. We still buy the stuff. But you don't have to pay for "extra" (cheerleaders) entertainment, for the intermissions. Just show us game highlights. [laughter]

Erika Zimmerman said...

the quote: oh so true. when i start talking hockey, you better back off haha. :]

sabreschic87 said...

25superstar I agree 100% with you. My guy friends at school know not to argue with me about hockey...they even warn people who don't know me and try to argue with me not to. And they come to me when they have questions about rules and what not. It's rather funny. Anyways, I'm sure the ladies that read this blog can hold their own against this guy any day and that's just the label we get because we know a sport. Nothing we can do about it...And Life as a Redhead, I'm sure we all could do without the cheerleaders :)

gilld22 said...

What are we not aloud to think that the men in hockey are hot, that is ridiculous, we know our stuff about hockey and are no different to men when it comes to that, what is wrong with having a little pleasure to look at as well as enjoying a good game.

mer said...

they all have man-crushes on their favourite players same as we do... we're just man enough to own up to it :P

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I actually could give a shit less about the cheerleaders.

I never say a word, until someone mouths off about my liking to look at the guys. I know I've said it before. But I'm not going to apologize for the extra "X" chromosome, and I'm not gonna shut my eyes. Sorry guys.

Oh, and amen, Mer, on the mancrushes. They all have their players who can "do no wrong". Why can't we just look.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Oh, and FYI, this is the second "round about" mention of HftL on GFH.

So you tell me, does he, or does he not read it...

Michelle in NS said...

I made that screencap and capturing those abs weren't easy(he was moving so fast!!)
Glad you like it!