Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HftL Does the All-Stars (Eastern Conference): MIKE KOMISAREK of the Montreal Canadiens

Komisarek was the surprise pick of the Montreal Canadiens in the 2001 entry draft which was thought to be the year they would draft Saku Koivu's brother, Mikko; however, Komisarek has progressed into the player they were expecting him to become and more, so the pick turned out to be a wise choice for the team.

What's Hot - well, just look at him! Being tall (6'4"), blonde and blue-eyed, what red-blooded female can't appreciate his good looks?! Even better (for Kena and I, anyway) is that he's yet another American-born player! He's a big, bruising defenseman at 243 pounds which enables him to provide a huge physical presence on the ice but yet he has a better than average speed of the typical defenseman - all very appealing to any female hockey fan!!

For those of you who find it interesting to learn more about players on a more personal note, here's a few tidbits for you (me!): one of Mike's guilty pleasures is peanut M&M's, his biggest pet peeve is people who drive slow in the left lane, his favorite 'chick flick' is "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," he doesn't like celery because of the texture and taste ("it's just gross"), he stays in touch with Ron Hainsey (one of our "American Hotties!") who is a close friend of his and was in his wedding party!

What's Hockey - Komisarek was drafted in the 2001 entry draft by the Montreal Canadiens in the first round (7th overall), part of the World Junior Championships (2001, 2002), CCHA First All-Star Team (2002), NCAA West First All-American Team (2002), AHL All-Rookie Team (2003); he played his first game on February 19, 2003 against the Buffalo Sabres and his 100th career NHL game on January 19, 2006 against the Calgary Flames; he re-signed with the Montreal Canadiens in 2007 with a 2-year / $3.4 million contract and led the team with 29 hits and 38 blocked shots (BS) in October 2008.


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"one of Mike's guilty pleasures is peanut M&M's"


He's just delicious!!! I can't put it any other way.

Lizzybeth8771 said...

ahaha peanut M&M lovers unite!!
Mike (just like peanut M&Ms) is extremely yummy!

Meli said...

I had a crush on this guy when he played for Michigan! I would go to the games just to watch him hit people! He was so massive in college and overpowering! He left after his junior year to go pro and then I never heard of him again until recently! He's still as gorgeous as ever though! And I guess he still does a great job on defense as well!