Saturday, January 24, 2009

HftL Does the All-Stars (Eastern Conference): SIDNEY CROSBY of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Sidney Crosby was a very gifted hockey player from a very early age and has been handling the media with poise, grace, and maturity for almost as long. He was given the name “The Next One” (a reference to Wayne Gretzky who is called “The Great One”) by the age of 11 and Gretzky, himself, has admitted that Crosby is the player who is most likely to break various records that he continues to hold today (the only one ever close was Mario Lemieux).

The NHL lockout was the year prior to Crosby being drafted which cancelled the 2004-2005 season, so the 2005 draft order was determined by lottery that was conducted on July 22, 2005. Each NHL team was assigned one to three lottery balls based on their playoff appearances and first overall draft picks from the previous three years. In the end, the stars were aligned once more for the Pittsburgh Penguins who won the lottery allowing them to choose Crosby as their first round draft pick of 2005 in what is now affectionately known by some as “The Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes / Lottery.”

What’s Hot – is it really necessary to elaborate? This entire site is practically dedicated to Sid's hotness!! But, if I must, I must. Well, let's start with the obvious - he's simply gorgeous; milk-chocolaty brown eyes accented with eyelashes that are the envy of any girl, dark curly locks that frame his beautiful face; a firm chiseled upper body with enormously manly thighs that leads to a deriere that can fill out the dullest of jeans; but the crown-jewel has to be that smile (OH - that smile!)!

And his work ethic is second to none - he's a hard worker and leads by example. What girl doesn't love a hard-working man? The way he handles himself with the media and fans is so refreshing; he's all business on the ice, but he doesn't take crap and when I see him mouthing off on the ice -- gosh, it curls my toes; I find that so manly!!

What’s Hockey (it’s a LONG story and he’s only 21!) Trophy in the Memorial Cup Tournament for being the leading scorer (2005); named to the NHL All-Rookie Team (2006), was the youngest player ever in the NHL to be named Captain of a team (Pittsburgh Penguins) on May 31, 2007; NHL First All-Star Team (2007); earned the Art Ross Trophy (2007), Lester B. Pearson Award (2007), and Hart Memorial Trophy (2007); played in NHL All-Star Game (2007); recorded his 100 named to the QMJHL All-Rookie Team (2004), QMJHL First All-Star Team (2004, 2005); was the QMJHL Player of the Year (2004, 2005); named to the Canadian Major Junior First All-Star Team (2004, 2005); was the Canadian Major Junior Rookie of the Year (2004), Canadian Major Junior Player of the Year (2004, 2005); named to the Memorial Cup All-Star Team (2005); won the Ed Chynowethth career goal, 200th career assist, and 300th career point in the same game (219th career NHL game) on October 18th against the Toronto Maple Leafs; had a career high 19 face-off wins on October 10th in a game against Montreal Canadiens; has 344 points (114 goals, 230 assists) in his first 250 games which ranks him sixth all-time in NHL history; broke Jaromir Jagr's record set in 2000 along with fellow teammate Evgeni Malkin for most votes received by a player to play in the NHL All-Star game (2009).


Anonymous said...

all together now, *long drawn out sigh*.
yeahh, i love this boy.
just like you said, he's extremely gorgeous looking and extremely amazing at hockey.

i am just so sad he's not playing in the all star game :[
next year.

Kiki_isTHEbunny said...

I love his smile as much as the next girl...but I thought when you went from his thighs, his crown jewel would be that gorgeous, round, muscular ass of his. Maybe its just me :)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Good lord, Stephanie, you made my eyeballs sweat...

What a fabulous description.

Lauren said...


he is just the perfect combination of boyish charm and manly hotness. perfect.

Stephanie said...

@ Molly *SIGH!*

@Kiki - YES, his backside is quite an ASSet (I've done an entire post on it) and could probably very well be considered the crown jewel of this boy, so - NO, it's not just you; however, I didn't want to be accused of being too superficial (and THANKS for the support that enabled me to admit it!)!! ; )

@Kena - what can I say?!! I can only give such a description because I'm in love with the boy -- you know how it is!!

Stephanie said...

@ Lauren - AGREED (yum!)!!

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

@ Stephanie,

I know the feeling VERY well.