Saturday, January 24, 2009

HftL Does the All-Stars (Western Conference): PAT KANE of the Chicago Blackhawks

The leading vote getter in the All Star balloting for the Western Conference and arguably one of the very best young players in the League, we have Patrick Kane. His first game-winning goal, was against the Red Wings (yes... sweet...)

What's Hot - Well, he's got the cutest zits on the planet (Crosby excluded). He plays on my weakness (hopefully I don't need to explain my obs
ession by this point) blond hair & blue eyes. The grin is priceless. He's AMERICAN (I for one share that attraction with Stephanie; READ HERE) born in Buffalo, NY. The very hottest thing I've seen is that Winter Classic billboard (ah, snowflakes & eyelashes...)

What's Hockey - OHL All-Rookie Team (2007), OHL First All-Star Team (2007), OHL Rookie of the Year (2007), Canadian Major Junior Rookie of the Year (2007), NHL All-Rookie Team (2008), and Calder Memorial Trophy (2008). How do you argue with all of that?? First player taken in the first round in the 2007 draft. Kane played in his first international tournament for the United States in the Under-18 in 2006 where he helped the team win a gold medal.


Erika Zimmerman said...

billboard=sexy :]

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

It's my favorite too!!!

The first time I saw it, I'm like "WOAH!!!!" Then my heart started beating again.