Friday, January 16, 2009

BAD BOY of Winter: Paul Bissonnette (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Snarling, gritty and well... just plain nasty. He comes by his affectionate nickname, "Biznasty," quite honestly. He's one of the most feared fighters in the AHL, at least that's what I've heard, but I don't follow the AHL very closely. So far this year he's been on call up duty,every time the Penguins have played the Flyers, so I pretty much consider him the "hired muscle" for the Pens.
In addition to being a fan of agitators/enforcers in general, I'm a particular fan of his fighting style. He usually fights with short fast punches, quick and hard. The other guy is stunned.

I'm often stunned when I look at him as well be,cause he's, well, singularly gorgeous. I had the fortunate opportunity awhile back to observe him in various stages of well, I'll be blunt, "undress" and I can only say, "WOW" (at least that's the only "G" rated thing I can think of offhand). I notice that he has a fabulous complexion and eyes that would make you beg. To say nothing of his very impressive physique. He obviously takes his personal conditioning VERY seriously.

As for the fights,

One of my personal favorites -
Matt Bradly vs Paul Bissonnette
(Editor's note, I was particulary happy to see him whup on Bradley. I don't like Bradley, anyway. Very satisfying.)

Some of those AHL fights are awesome, too.
Paul Bissonnette vs. Jesse Boulerice


Erika Zimmerman said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for finally doing a feature on Paulie! He's awesome and is a great charismatic player. His assist against Philly was not to be beat! Go, BizNasty, go! :]

Lizzybeth8771 said...

I love him! you can find him on facebook and he accepts friend requests from every one... he has some pictures that readers of this blog would enjoy!

Creeper44 said...

I got some awesome pictures of him last night! ~soooo funny!~

Jamie-Lynn said...

Awesome, have to look him up on Facebook. Didn't add me back on MySpace, lol.

Jamie-Lynn said...

P.S. My sister had glass seats at an earlier game this season and she had her signs up and the guys were making comments and cracking up about her Bizz Nasty sign!

Jamie-Lynn said...

P.S.S. Sorry for all the comments but I just had to share MY favorite Bissonnette You Tube, lead air guitarist as well as some gratuitous topless sexy in the background in this Reindeer's video, also awesome song:

Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

The fourth line for tonight's (1/20) Pens game against the Canes is:

I could be in love.