Friday, April 10, 2009

BAD BOY of Winter: Cam Janssen (St. Louis Blues)

This writeup is pretty short and kinda discombobulated, but after you watch the video I'm pretty sure you won't be able to read anyway (I know I couldn't). BUT BEFORE YOU WATCH!!!! You might want to read some of the intellectual stuff on this "bad-boy-sweetheart."

Some interesting tidbits -

Sweetheart, cares about the environment. [LINK HERE] Kids (St Louis Blues, Hat Trick For Health [LINK HERE].

Partial to Ice Cream, and was part of the Blues Score Five, Get a FREE Blizzard! Promotion. "Every time the Blues score five goals at home*, upon exiting the Scottrade Center, all fans in attendance will receive a collectible card with an attached coupon for a free 12 oz Dairy Queen Blizzard. Confused? Let Blues' forward Cam Janssen explain it to you. [Click here and follow the link, it's cute.]"

But the crown jewel has got to be his "Ask A Player" from the Blues Website. Excerpts follow. Link for the whole thing [HERE] It's worth the read, for the amusement factor.

Q. Who's the best "trash talker" in the NHL?
A. Myself.

Q: I heard your interview on the radio recently when you said Ben Bishop was tall, skinny and goofy-looking. Would you tell him that to his face and if so, do you think Bishop would be a tough fight?
A: That tall drink of water? He’s definitely a goof ball, he looks goofy, and yes, I would say it to his face, but I’d have to get a ladder to do it.

Here's the fight. Yes, I love Barchie. BUT I love the way Janssen waves the ref off at about 1:42 AND Check out Janssen's knuckles at about 1:58 AWESOME! The fight is kinda boring but what happens when the fighters are evenly matched.

Bad boy, with a heart (and head of hair) of gold. Gotta love it. Oh, and before I forget. Here's the infamous (for me at least) Video. Sorry, I gotta go now...

Oh, and Oshie's a DOLL in it too.

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Lauren said...

Every time I see his name, I can't help but think of the children/youth book series about the girl who solves mysteries with the help of her photographic memory - her name is Cam Jansen.