Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fleury's a "Sneaky Little Bastard" and "Likes It Back Door"

The guy who brought you Crosby laughing about his "knob" is at it again with Marc-Andre Fleury and Jordan Staal -- these interviews are priceless (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE seeing the guys being so laid back and fun!) -- THANKS to Molly for emailing the link!!

And Molly also took this wonderful screencap to point out that "you see a shirtless Dupuis in the backgroun!" (and is that a tattoo I see?!)!!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Dupuis is in that somewhere?

And Fleury??

What on earth was I looking at to make me miss that???

Kylie @ Faux Hawks and Follies said...

Who knew Dupuis had a tattoo?! I sure didn't.

Maybe it's because I'm in love with his eyes and haven't bothered looking anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

hahahah i just watched this again and just about died. again. several times.

oh, and my friend apparently watched it and said there's a shirtless Harold Priestly creepin around in the background somewhere...