Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Antti Miettinen (Minnesota Wild)

Formerly of the Dallas Stars. (Here's another Fin, for elodie [your welcome, grin]).

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: We stars fans already miss him. He was one of our favorites (or at least one of mine). You need a goal late in the game he's one of the guys who'll go try to get one for you. I remember several late game goals that I saw him score. He played 69 games for us (the Stars) last year. With 15 goals, 19 assists and a +4. But I really feel that he is at his best as a situational player. From the little bit of info that I've gotten about how he's doing in Minnesota. Where he's been playing on the top line, and putting up really impressive numbers. I think it's a better fit for him up there than with Dallas. (So far I've been right, since the Wild are tearing things up right now) I still miss him.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: 6'0” 190lbs. Really, really blond (I mean REALLY). Dark blue (almost navy blue) eyes. Sexy little smile, which morphs into a sexy big grin (with dimples [yes, I'm truly a sucker]) when he's really happy. You find yourself wanting him to be really happy all the time. He can go from looking “cute” to looking “dangerous” in the (literal) blink of an eye. But I've never heard a bad thing about him. His nickname (at least for some of them/us in Dallas) was “Mittens” which is just TOO cute and actually fits him very well. I find myself wanting to snuggle up with him on the couch.

Final note, OK, I admit it. He does look the tiniest bit like an elf. But Elves are cute, right? (OK, everyone can stop laughing now. Really, stop... He's CUTE!!!)


nbalike said...
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JuneyMoon said...

Hey, cigarettes!

Finns usually look so healthy and sturdy with their clear skin and great bone structure.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Hummm, Cigarettes...

Honestly, cigarettes are strangely appropriate for me.

Especially on a day with a Staal post.

You all may as well laugh, I am.

I agree with you JuneyMoon. Theirs just something about Finns.

Stephanie said...

You ladies are seriously funny (only YOU could work Jordan Staal into your cigarettes comment, Kena!!)!!!

However, if I would've been able, the cigarettes "comment" would've been deleted long ago (although I debated the issue wondering if it wouldn't be funnier to leave it in light of your comments, but I don't like advertising on my blogs - SORRY!!!

THANKS for the laughs girls!!! : P