Thursday, April 2, 2009

His use of the word, "per se"

Yes - this is somewhat of a silly reason, but I honestly love that he uses that word and I've noticed (in both print and on TV) that he's been using it more and more - he makes it so adorable (like if my husband used that word in a sentence, I'd probably look at him and ask what he's been smoking, but Sid makes it sound SO ---- so sexy!)!!! Case in point, ladies (BTW - he's talking about Brodeur):

“ ... He doesn’t give up on pucks. He’s probably not technically a butterfly guy per se, you see a lot of guys these days that are so technical and positional…he is positional, but he also relies a lot on his reflexes and on reading the play ... ”


Anonymous said...

an articulate guy is always a hottie :)

Lizzybeth8771 said...

I noticed this too!! haha but Sid could probably make anything sound sexy!!!