Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crosby Pictures of the Week (Playoff Edition)

Nothing is better than seeing Sid with a smile (OR Sid with that serious "I mean business" look OR from the back OR when he's celebrating ... well, you all get the idea)!! There's just so many sides to Sid and I LOVE every last one of them and, of course, the playoffs brings all of it out of him -- SO, needless to say, I have TONS of Sid pics for this week (and have a feeling I will throughout the playoffs / final!)!!!

ENJOY!!!! ; )

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Aubrey said...

I was having one of those days that an electroshock weapon and all the Midol in the world couldn't help, but you have made it infinitely better. Thanks :)

My personal fav is the one where he's about to destroy some Flyer on the faceoff! (Or maybe the one with Daisy...or the one where he's laughing...or maybe all of them!)