Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sid's PHYSICAL Side!!

I don't know about any of you (well YES, Kena, I DO already know about YOU!!), but when Sid gets pissed off, I find him even more tremendously sexy than I already do. When he's mad, we get to see his manly side especially when he's pissed off enough to drop the gloves (WOAH MOMMY!)!!

Let me set up the most recent scenerio for you: after the questionable hip-check on Malkin during last Sunday's game against the Florida Panthers, Sid didn't take too kindly to it and decided he was going to teach Ballard a few manners when it comes to how to treat the top players on his team. It ended with Crosby throwing him down on the ice - YOWZA!!!

In case you missed it (or if you'd like to see it for the 100th time, LIKE ME!), I made sure to post it below for your viewing pleasure ladies!!! ENJOY!!


Val said...

Let us be very clear that the announcers on that video were FL panthers announcers (meaning biased) and there was NO cleaning of Sid's clock!

Stephanie said...

@Val -- THANKS for that clarification!! To be honest, I just pulled the video straight from YouTube and NEVER EVEN THOUGHT about the announcers, but IN NO WAY was Sid's clock cleaned!!! Next time, I will definitely be more careful what I post as far as which announcers are on the video(thanks!)!!

@Kena - I know all your soft spots because they're mine too (probably alot of other HftL readers too!)!!!! ; )

Unknown said...

It wasn't a questionable hit, it was just a good, clean hip check. Even Geno said that. It did look bad, and Geno could have gotten hurt, but that is the risk any player takes. It was not a dirty hit. I did like seeing Sid stand up for Geno, as a good captain should.

Cat said...

Announcers? There were people speaking? Sorry, I was too busy trying to remember to breathe & working very hard to keep my hormones under control. That is one of the sexiest videos I've ever seen.
Thanks so much for posting it!

Sam said...

Okay, my jaw just hit the floor. I LOVE it when he's pissed and decides to drop the gloves.

Thank you for posting this - I actually missed this game, grr. So far I've only seen one of his fights, I've missed the rest.