Friday, April 10, 2009

My FAVORITE "Fan Appreciation Night" Moment

This has to be one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE "Fan Appreciation Night" moments!! I wasn't lucky enough to be at the game for this one, but I will never forget watching this unfold on TV -- I honestly talked about it for days!!

The little boy in the above picture (I think his name was Antonio if I remember correctly) was just SO EXCITED to get a jersey from THE Sidney Crosby that he just kept rambling on and on about how great it was and that he was going to hang it up in his room, etc. All Crosby was trying to do was get him to spell his name so he could sign his jersey -- it was just the cutest thing (this pic really captures the moment well - look at the wonderment on this little guy's face!)!! OH - and notice Crosby's tongue sticking out (yet again) as he concentrates on signing the jersery!!! ; )

I'm hoping I'm able to get some good pictures at this "Fan Appreciation Night," so I'll be posting them sometime later today or tomorrow if they turn out OK.

In the meantime, if you have a "Fan Appreciation Night" ALL-TIME FAVORITE moment, please feel free to share (especially if you were one of the fans lucky enough to get a jersey of a Penguins player's back!)!!!


Lizzybeth8771 said...

My favorite moment was last night! The Pens gave away their Penguins Ranger away so it was sitting on the ice, after Max Talbot gave his jersey away he tried to drive the ranger while the other players threw shirts at him!

staalzielover11 said...

i agree with lizzy, tht was one of my favorite parts..i was laughin and i was like look dad! talbots trying to steal the ranger and then BOOM shirts were being thrown at him..haha

my other favorite part was when cookie was using the gun to shoot some shirts into the stand! nvr give our team anything tht has to do with guns and combination

BUT I LOVED THE WHOLE THING!! and its great to get a win to go with it!! ohh and jordan getting the defensive player of the year of the pens =) tht made me so happy, didnt expect tht at all!!