Monday, April 20, 2009

Staalsy & Fleury Model the New Team Playoff Shirt

Without realizing it, I caught a glimpse of the Pens 2009 players playoff shirts they wear in the locker room (and obviously during post-game interviews).

When the camera got a shot of Staal last Wednesday, I noticed the neat shirt he had on (I'm not ashamed to admit I was basically focusing on those manly "big guns" of his - if I hadn't been, I may not have noticed to begin with) -- since the Pens logo is on one sleeve and a skull on the other.

The skull is from the comic book character, the Punisher and their motto this year is "Are ya hungry?" which is on the back of the shirt.

And after looking through some Pens pictures, I also found Fleury wearing one to (from last Friday).


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"Are ya Hungry?"HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARMS!!!!!!!!!!

(What did the t-shirt look like again???)

Aubrey said...

I'm glad somebody's pointed out the t-shirts because they are pretty cool. Honestly I watched that interview with Staal half a dozen times and never noticed! He fills it out a little better than Fleury ;)
Buckeyes Are Deadly Nuts

Stephanie said...

@Kena - you can make me laugh on the dreariest of days (THANKS!)!! : P

@Aubrey - Staal definitely fills out that shirt way better than Fleury (I'm sure Kena would agree with you on that too!)!!!

staalzielover11 said...

i didnt even notice the shirt when i first saw the interview till the very end cause i was amazed at his arms!! =) tht picture is just amazing, and to aubrey i rewatched the interview like 10 times cause it had staal in it and every time i get lost in those arms! lol

also i laugh historically at staal when he refers to tks goal and he says he would have been pissed if he missed it! haha i was like jordan theres little kids watchin..haha! =) i love him anyways!