Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: T.J. Oshie (St. Louis Blues)

I have to "set up" this post with a short explanation. With the untimely demise of the Stars postseason hopes, I was forced to chose another WC team to back (and with the current outlook, I'm going to be forced to chose another). So I decided "what the heck" and became a Blues fan. Much to my delight there's much more studlyness to be found on this team than I might have originally thought (yes, there's 3 different links there. I guess I watch the Blues more than I thought. Oh well.)

[And I have to begin by saying, "HEL - LO, TJ! Me - OW!!" OH- and don't let Kena fool you -- the Blues have been her second, no -- make that third, favorite team this season -- even more than she's letting on now!! She is by no means a "homer," but I never let that get in the way of our friendship!]

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: He played high school hockey for Warroad High School in Warroad, Minn., and joined the Sioux Falls Stampede of the United States Hockey League at the completion of his senior season with the Warriors in 2004-05. He played at the University of North Dakota for three seasons following his time in the USHL, and played seven games with the United States WJC-A team in 2005-06. On May 13, 2008 Oshie opted to forgo his senior season with the Fighting Sioux and sign with the Blues. In October 2008, he started the season with St. Louis as a rookie. He scored his first career goal on October 22, against the Detroit Red Wings. [Yes, this is a recurring theme, in all posts I write. I do NOT like the Red Wings, even while grudgingly admiring them. oh, and having a case of severe "toe curls" for Nik Lidstrom... Anyway.] Oshie played on the same collage team as Jonathan Toews (CHI) So both of the old collage line-mates, are in the playoffs this year, only on different teams. Oshie finished off this regular season, with a +16, which in my book isn't too bad for a rookie.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Look at the pictures, and I'll bet you can guess how he found his way to the Hotties of the WC, list. ESPECIALLY my personal list [I'll let the regular readers, enlighten the newer readers as to my special weakness] a little short for my preferences at 5'11" (There's more than one way to do it though, right ladies?) and I'm guessing he'll fill out a little more than the 170 he currently weighs in at. But in spite of these "attributes" he's quite simply, lovely. His "Ask A Player Q. & A." feature on the Blues Website. is DEFINITELY worth a read, [
LINK HERE] but in particular I found the following very... um... "stimulating"

Q: You play with so much energy, what do you do to prepare yourself mentally and physically to go out and play with the best players in the NHL every night? – Jimmy Watt, Columbia, MO
A: I actually don’t really do anything. I don’t have a routine before the game, I obviously think about what I’ve got to do. But I just always want to pride myself on being the hardest worker on the ice. That’s my main goal.

WOW, "hardest worker on the ice" sounds really promising for other "areas"... [care to elaborate, Kena?!!! : P ]


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Hey, Stephanie. I can see by the picture you used to begin this post that your beginning to recognize "that" look. ;)

Um, do you "really" want me to elaborate on that other area? We might not have PG rating anymore LMAO!!

Poor guy, he's going to need consoling after last night. :( um, where do I sign up to offer my services?!

Stephanie said...

@Kena - I had a good teacher, so it's not surprising I'm getting hang of "the look!" : P

Erika Zimmerman said...

TJ is adorable.
one of my fave rookies this year. :]

Unknown said...

He is a very hard working guy and I can not wait to see him this year!!!
and he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is HOTTTTTT! i dont think i could it could be said any better!